Socialism – the pitch and the goal, part 8


By Jim Thompson
HCP columnist

(continued from last week)

The pitch – Part D

Have you noticed how upset and dissatisfied the country is? Of course you have. Why do you think it is?

Despite all its flaws, the United States remains the most prosperous country in world history. The Constitution and capitalism lifted more people out of poverty than any other government at any time in any other place in the history of the world. (By the way, Constitution Week is celebrated from September 17 to 23.)

Take a look at all the places where socialism (or communism) has taken hold. They have all had a miserable experience except one – Venezuela. Russia, China, Cuba, Scandinavia – all switched to communism or socialism because what they had before was somewhere between horrible and unpleasant.

Vietnam became a communist because Ho Chi Minh was ready to partner with anyone who would help it drive French settlers out of its country. At one point he could have come our way just as easily (Woodrow Wilson refused to meet him during the Paris peace talks in 1919).

In the early 1990s, Venezuela had a large capitalist society. It is often said that at the time, Venezuela was the second country in the Western Hemisphere for the purchase of Ford F-150 pickup trucks. Yet they bought the story that they would be better off with a socialist government. It didn’t work for them. The stationery of a large paper mill was seized by the government and the manager left, hidden in the trunk of a car.

But what about here? The only way the anointed can get us to a more socialist government is to stir up dissent and turmoil among useful idiots. So far, they are doing a fairly fair job.

Gavin Newsom just survived a recall vote in California by painting Larry Elder as a “black-faced white supremist.” You can’t make that up.

Larry Elder raised around $ 13 million for the campaign, Gavin Newsom raised nearly $ 60 million from his elite friends in San Francisco and Los Angeles. Helpful idiots swallowed this story.

Dissent here must be continually stoked in order to continue to introduce more socialist ideas, from racial unrest to climate change. COVID-19 is just another gift to help the anointed as they work to transform us into a more socialist country.

The pitch often begins by looking at what “good” socialism has done for us in the past – and the acolytes begin with the Franklin Roosevelt era. It is instructive to observe what was going on in the UK as we grappled with one failed government program after another. In the 1930s, the UK cut taxes and government participation and let the economy run. It took off. Here, what saved the economy was not the FDR, but the production of WWII material.

In racial issues, this from the Hoover Institution: “In the 1950s, after at least 70 years of rough parity, African-American marriage rates began to lag behind white rates. In 1950, the percentages of white and African American women (aged 15 and over) who were currently married were about the same, 67% and 64%, respectively. By 1998, the percentage of currently married white women had fallen from 13 percent to 58 percent. But the drop among African American women was 44% to 36% – more than three times as much. Can we put this at the feet of an ever growing socialism? I think so.

NASA reports that: “Data from satellite sensors shows that during the northern hemisphere’s growing season, the Midwestern region of the United States has more photosynthetic activity than any other place on Earth, according to NASA and others. university scientists. The team noticed that on an annual basis, the tropics are the most productive. But during the northern hemisphere’s growing season, the American cornbelt “really stands out”, Frankenberg [the team leader] noted. “Regions around the world are not as productive as this region. ”

Other reports indicate that during our growing season, the United States corn crop produces 40 percent more oxygen than the Amazon rainforest.

Congratulations, farmers. You can save us from climate change and socialism, if we can just get the message out to the useful idiots.

Jim Thompson, formerly of Marshall, graduated from Hillsboro High School and the University of Cincinnati. He resides in Duluth, Georgia, and is a columnist for The Highland County Press. He can be reached at [email protected]


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