The CRT is only an attempt to create a victim status


There have been several letters recently describing Critical Race Theory as a harmless ‘honest look at history’ or an idea that lawyers use in a theoretical way to ‘analyze policy’. Boy, nothing could be further from the truth. CRT has its origins in the attempts in the 1960s to make the United States a socialist country. Because we had a robust middle class and constitutional protections, communism / socialism couldn’t gain much hold (except for Bernie Sanders of course). And we have been able to witness the horrific abuses of the Soviet Union (Lenin), China (Mao) and Cambodia (Pol Pot) which have led their citizens to starvation, gulags and executions. Wonderful socialism.

About ten years ago, someone had the brilliant idea of ​​reorganizing the socialist push, but instead of using the proletariat, they substituted racism for the evil promulgated by our capitalist society. Now comes the interesting part. The NEA, National Education Association, and AFT, American Federation of Teachers, two powerful teachers’ unions, have taken over the CRT banner. During the 2020 election cycle, they donated $ 65 million to Democratic politicians and liberal support groups. All this to support the CRT, a racist and toxic ideology of the left. Sounds a bit like the “Reclaim Idaho” push, doesn’t it?

If you want to know what these left-wing teachers’ unions think, google Business Item 3.9 adopted by the NEA at their annual meeting at the end of June. Critical Race Theory is the most vile racist ideology based on hatred. Hatred of our country, hatred of our Federal Republic and hatred of religion. I applaud the Idaho Freedom Foundation for its recognition of this racist threat to our country and its commitment to combat it. Always remember that when Steve Johnson claims the CRT is an “honest look at history”, it is his opinion, not fact.

I think the CRT is another political attempt to create victim status. You can’t raise money if there is no victim, can you? You can’t make political contributions to politicians if you can’t raise money. The political juggernaut of the teachers’ unions who feed the awakened left-wing politicians who still want socialism as a way of life is an attempt to control us all. Keep everyone at the lowest common denominator, then all the power and wealth belongs to the government. Pure and simple socialism. And around and around it’s okay.

I do not agree to be ruled by these people.


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