Priyanka Gandhi accuses BJP of using religion, caste and ‘fake’ photos to win polls



Congress Secretary-General Priyanka Gandhi Vadra on Saturday accused the BJP of using religion, caste, false advertisements and “fake” photographs to win the upcoming parliamentary elections in Uttar Pradesh.

Addressing a party rally in the town of Mahoba in the Bundelkhand region, Priyanka also said that crowds do not go to rallies of BJP leaders and that the state government must rush UP buses. Roadways to transport people to Prime Minister’s meetings.

She spoke about the gruesome murder of four members of an SC family and the gang rape of one of its members in Prayagraj and said the UP government had failed to keep weaker sections of society safe. .

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The congressional leader also escalated the suicides of two farmers as they lined up to buy fertilizer outside a fertilizer distribution center in Lalitpur in Bundelkhand recently and said farmers suffered the most from the scheme. .

“BJP leaders make false promises … they run bogus advertisements and use bogus images to showcase their government’s work,” she said, apparently referring to the showing of photos from an airport in China when Prime Minister Narendra Modi laid the foundation stone for Jewar Airport in Noida recently.

She also said that BJP leaders have always used religion and caste in order to garner popular votes in the polls. “Caste and religion should be represented in politics but in elections governments should be accountable for its work,” she added.

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“The Prime Minister can fly in planes bought for eight thousand crore rupees, but his government does not have the funds to help debt-ridden farmers … farmers’ incomes have not increased during the regimes of BJP, ”Priyanka said.

She also spoke of the loss of jobs and significant population migration during the pandemic and lockdowns and said the state government and the center had done nothing to provide them with any assistance.

In an apparent attempt to target female voters, Priyanka listed the promises her party had made to them and said that they (women) had to make their way and come out in large numbers to exercise their right to vote in the election. election.

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