My feminism may have cost me the role of President of the Supreme Court



She said her colleagues may have found her difficult to deal with at times.

“I have not hidden my conviction that women are equal to men in dignity and rights, and that their life experience is just as valid and important in shaping the law as the experience of men is. “she said.

“I don’t think it has always been popular with some sections of the media, and maybe not always popular with some of my colleagues.

Have an agenda

“A colleague of mine whom I later learned, because he published diaries, said that I was considered to have a program. Well, I probably have a program, which is to promote it. equality and diversity.

“It’s an agenda that a lot of people have but it is sometimes branded as an agenda, while the agenda that others have, to preserve the status quo, is never considered an agenda.”

During Baroness Hale’s distinguished career, she was the first woman appointed to the Law Commission in 1984, the first female Law Lord in 2004, and the first female Supreme Court justice in 2009.

She was put in the spotlight in 2019 when she read the Supreme Court ruling that Prime Minister Boris Johnson acted illegally when advising the Queen to suspend Parliament.



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