WoLF member cited for hate crime for feminist stickers


Pettersen says she has been accused of placing feminist stickers along State Street in a variety of places that have other stickers and graffiti on them, including telephone poles and a dispenser box for “Our Lives” , an LGBT magazine. Because gender identity is not a protected class in Wisconsin, the basis for improving hate crimes is unclear.

The stickers included the slogans: “Woman = Adult Human Female”, “Trans Lie $ Matter” (a reference to Big Pharma’s support for the gender industry), “Everything is Transphobic” and “TERF Collective”.

Pettersen, a WoLF member and founder of Women’s Liberation Radio News, has been the subject of a multi-year smear and harassment campaign by Madison anti-feminists after denouncing gender ideology. This campaign included threats of violence against her in a local Facebook group.

“Even if it’s true, sticking feminist slogans in areas already full of stickers and graffiti is neither messy nor hateful,” said Lauren Adams, Legal Director of WoLF. “The prosecution of these charges aims to curb the freedom of expression of women’s rights defenders. If police are to end hate crimes, they should investigate threats against Thistle instead of using taxpayer dollars to facilitate intimidation against women by extremist activists. . “

WoLF has started a petition calling on the Dane County DA to drop the citation and not continue the criminal charges against Thistle Pettersen.

The Women’s Liberation Front (WoLF) is a national 501 (c) (3) nonprofit organization dedicated to protecting, restoring and promoting the rights of women and girls. For media inquiries, please contact: [email protected]

Pettersen is represented by Sarah schmeiser de Stroud, Willink and Howard, LLC.

SOURCE Women’s Liberation Front

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