Tory MP attacks Chris Whitty as ‘unelected spokesperson’ in ‘socialist state’



A Tory MP launched an attack on Chief Medical Officer Chris Whitty, calling him an “unelected covid public health official” who should “rely” on Parliament and the Prime Minister.

Joy Morrissey, MP for Beaconsfield since 2010, made the comments in response to a tweet from Times reporter Steven Swinford who pointed out the messaging difference between Boris Johnson and Whitty on socializing over Christmas time.

In his tweet – which has since been deleted – Morrissey said: “Maybe the unelected covid public health spokesperson should defer to what our ELECTED MPs and the Prime Minister have decided.

“I know it’s hard to remember, but that’s how democracy works. It is not a socialist state of public health. “

Joy Morrissey’s tweet now deleted

His tweet appeared to be criticized by lawmakers on his side, including former chief whip Julian Smith, who said “personal attacks by any politician against members of the public service are totally unacceptable”.

In a response to Morrissey, writer James Felton said: “His job is to present the scientific point of view and what is best for public health, not to repeat what Boris Johnson said because he cannot keep its own MPs on board with basic health measures. “

The southeastern branch of the Labor Party said Morrissey should “focus his attention” on the Chancellor’s actions “instead of attacking public health officials”.

On Thursday morning, another Conservative MP and Health Minister Gillian Keegan defended the government against accusations of mixed messages, as commentators pointed out that while the Prime Minister told people not to cancel social events, Whitty suggested that they “prioritize” those who are most important to them.

Keegan denied that Johnson disagreed with Whitty, arguing that they were both “essentially saying the same thing.”

“What they said was a priority, because obviously the more contacts you have, the more likely you are to test positive, and that would mean you would be isolated on Christmas Day,” she told Times Radio. .

“Obviously, if you want to have a Christmas with your family, then be careful, otherwise you could end up testing positive and having to isolate yourself over Christmas. This is the message.



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