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Warrnambool has sorely missed the state budget, with no funding for its priority projects including The Lookout Residential Rehabilitation Centre, Warrnambool Breakwater and AquaZone. The state budget released on Tuesday showed an estimated investment of $250 million to deliver 12 new VLocity trains that will support planned service improvements, including on the Warrnambool line. The new trains will be manufactured in Victoria, supporting local employment and supply chain jobs – and improving the passenger experience on the regional network. An additional $58 million will fund a package of work to improve accessibility and amenities on the metropolitan and regional rail network. An additional $2.4 million will install new tactile surfaces and improve safety and security at Warrnambool station. Warrnambool Mayor Vicki Jellie said she was pleased with the funding announced for public transport users in the area. “Money for VLocity trains and better equipment is something we’ve been working on for a long time, for many years,” she said. “The state government is committed to improving the efficiency and accessibility of our rail service and this is truly welcome and great news for the region. This has been an advocacy priority for the council for a some time and there have been a lot of local people pushing for these upgrades.” Cr Jellie said she was disappointed the town had missed out on priority projects including The Lookout residential rehabilitation centre, Warrnambool Breakwater and AquaZone. “I think a lot of people will be disappointed that The Lookout hasn’t received any more money this year,” she said. “A lot of great people in the community have been lobbying for this for a long time. The council supports the proposed residential drug and alcohol rehabilitation service, it’s needed here and across the region, so I’m disappointed for these campaigners .” Cr Jellie said the lack of funding for the Warrnambool breakwater was also discouraging. “It’s very disappointing, it’s a very important part of the city that continues to deteriorate as the days go by,” she said. The budget earmarks $2.6 billion for regional Victoria to host the 2026 Commonwealth Games, with centers in Ballarat, Bendigo, Geelong and Gippsland creating jobs, housing and sporting infrastructure. Shepparton will also host events and other regional towns will be added to the schedule. The council did not advocate for Warrnambool to host any events. Cr Jellie said the failure of Warrnambool to be announced as the Games hub was “a fatality, announced weeks ago”. Moyne County also lacked funding for its priority projects, including Koroit’s townscape renewal, Mortlake Community Health Center upgrade, and cattle underpass program. It did, however, receive $12 million to upgrade its World Heritage-listed Budj Bim site with a visitor center which it unveiled in April. The Framlingham Aboriginal Trusts will share $2.2 million to strengthen their independence and support emerging leaders. Glenelg County will see a portion of $146 million to plan for the redevelopment of Heywood aged care facilities, as well as $101 million for regional road upgrades, which includes upgrading the intersection of Bridgewater Road and Portland Ring Road in Portland. More soon. Now just one click away with our new app: Digital subscribers now have the option to receive information faster, at their fingertips with The Standard:




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