Siobhan O’Connor: I’m for feminism but society isn’t ready for us to have our own surnames


To be or not to be, that is the question.

Brooklyn Beckham has sensationally taken on his wife Nicola Peltz’s surname after the couple tied the knot in a lavish ceremony last weekend.

Brooklyn is 23 and Nicola is 27 and the beloved pair have both swapped last names.

Although some men do it, it certainly goes against tradition.

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Was Brooklyn doing this to prove his love or was it to try to show that both genders are equal?

Some women are still desperate to take their man’s name, it’s almost a way to prove that they are worthy and have found a man and are privileged.

Oh we’re ready to go and all this jazz, I mean some of us after we got married and it failed, wish we could get that shelf back!

Others frankly keep their name in order to wear their card of feminism on their sleeve.

Research shows that only 3% of all men take their wife’s name, so I guess we are still heavily influenced by traditional values.

When it comes to taking our men’s names, I have a multi-faceted approach.

When I first got married, alas, it didn’t work out and I got separated but I chose not to take my ex’s name, thank God really because when things weren’t right, I’d be stuck with his name!

But now that I have children with my partner John, from a purely practical point of view, it’s a shame that I have a different last name.

When the kids were born I chose not to give them our two surnames, I find it a little tricky, trying almost too hard to be PC or too long and tedious to say.

So we gave John’s last name to our granddaughters.

The problem is that now, when I go to airports alone with the girls and John is not there, I have problems leaving the country.

Once I forgot the birth certificate and was held for ages by security to interrogate me, to make sure I was the mother.

You’d swear I was trying to kidnap the child out of the country.

I am for feminism but society is not ready for us to have our own surnames.

It’s easier if you have children so that we all have the same first name.

My daughters are already asking me why my name is different and they are five and three! So for an easy life, I say take your man’s name.

Yes, your name might not live, but what’s in a name? Honestly?

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