“She is in the library”: the new play by La Jollan Dori Salois gives “C’est un vie Mable” a new direction



Offering a contemporary take on a holiday classic, local playwright Dori Salois offers modern choices for a female character who she believes needs “a sense of her own identity.”

Her new play, “She’s in the Library,” is a variation of “It’s a Wonderful Life,” the classic 1946 film in which the main character George, intervening by the guardian angel Clarence, contemplates this. that the lives of his wife, Mary, and others would be as if he was not born. It will premiere on stage at Point Loma Playhouse on Friday, November 19.

In “She’s in the Library,” Salois, a resident of La Jolla since 1986, envisions a world in which Mary is empowered to make different choices. “I just took George out of the picture and said, ‘Now what would’ve really happened to Mary?’” Said Salois.

She thought about what Mary would have chosen without George, and the resulting play “is a fun, feminist take for Mary” while staying true to the 1940s era, said Salois, who runs the La site. Jolla. Vantage Theater.

“Most of the women who come to see the show are going to say ‘A-ha’,” she said, as Mary’s conflicts and choices resonate with them.

Salois said that once “She’s in the library” was picked and rehearsals started, she also found herself “really rooted for George”.

Kirra Adams, Pete Zanko and Carly Salway will perform in La Jollan Dori Salois’ play “She’s at the Library” at Point Loma Playhouse.

(Farhad Deylami Azodi)

The show is “still light, it’s still a Christmas story,” with many references to the original film, Salois said.

She said she was “so happy” to see the play come to life at Point Loma Playhouse. “Keeping it local first was a gift. I was able to add scenes, refine the dialogue, etc. … Point Loma is the right place for this.

Those who haven’t seen “It’s a Wonderful Life” will still enjoy the play, said Salois, who watches the film every holiday season. “It’s like a religion in our house. … I know it back and forth, ”she said.

Salois used to “cringe” during the scene when George asks where Mary is and “Clarence would scream…” You’re not going to like this, George. She’s at the library! What the hell is wrong with that? It’s a good thing, ”said Salois.

She said she was inspired to write “She’s in the library” while caring for a friend who was undergoing chemotherapy for breast cancer. “I started to think about the life and choices of women. … I looked at my own life. I am a wife, a mother. … You look at what your life would be like without someone.

“She’s in the Library” is a “fun, feminist version” of “It’s a Wonderful Life,” says writer Dori Salois.

(Courtesy of Dori Salois)

Salois is also A novelist who under the name Dori Salerno wrote “Mrs. Bennet’s Sentiments”, a book based on “Pride and Prejudice” by Jane Austen which examines history from the mother’s point of view.

She said she was drawn to refocusing classic stories with a feminist angle because “I feel like women are not portrayed correctly.” She felt that Ms. Bennet and Mary were “not appreciated” or respected.

Salois is now working on her next piece, researching a “controversial” topic she is reluctant to say more about.

At the same time, she is preparing to star in a play at Point Loma Playhouse in February and is working on presenting an equally secret new project at the Vantage Theater in 2022.

“She’s at the library”

When: 8 p.m. on Fridays and Saturdays and 3 p.m. on Sundays from Nov. 19 to Dec. 5.

Or: Point Loma Gaming House, Point Loma Assembly, 3035 Talbot Street.

Cost: $ 15 and more

Information: pointlomaplayhouse.com ??



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