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An online exhibition celebrates the Russian feminist tradition and the gaps in current legislation serving women around the world.

Through multimedia works,Express Silence, an exhibition organized by the Creative Association of TOK curators based in St. Petersburg, brings together 13 artists from Russia and beyond and combines archival photography, poster art, video work and installations. The show’s curatorial line defends the pioneering work of Russian and Soviet writer and politician Alexandra Kollontai in promoting feminist labor legislation, sex education and free love.

We wanted to do a feminist show examining the history of women’s rights over the past centuries and how their achievements are now being erased in different parts of the world, including those considered democratic and progressive, ”said Commissioners Maria Veits and Anna Bitkina. In particular, the project responds to the decriminalization of domestic violence in Russia, the exit from the Istanbul Convention in Turkey and new laws restricting abortion in the United States and Poland.

Among the highlights, the video by Georgian-Russian artist Alevtina Kakhidze, 44, captures a close-up of a woman repeating the word “no” for six minutes. Meanwhile, Natalia Nikulenkova Capture Body shows schoolgirls in green uniforms dancing against the background of the Russian flag, as, one at a time, they come to the fore and answer an adult’s questions about happiness, first love and dreams for the future. “It wasn’t love. I was bored and broke up with him, ”the first interviewee said of his first love affair. “I’m happy when no one touches or disturbs me,” says another.

See the exhibition, until September 19, here.



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