Rajasthan’s bill will have serious repercussions on minors, says National Commission for the Protection of Children’s Rights



Could ‘legitimize’ child marriage, says child rights panel, calls for review

The National Commission for the Protection of the Rights of the Child (NCPCR) has requested the revision of the bill amending the Rajasthan Compulsory Marriage Registration Act 2009, adopted in the Assembly last week, given its likely impact on minor children. The NCPCR said the bill could “legitimize” child marriage.

The Congressional government has maintained that the amended provisions will only streamline the marriage registration process, without changing the status of underage marriage ties. The amendment allows women over 18 to submit the registration memorandum to the competent authority themselves.

In a letter to the chief minister’s office, NCPCR chairman Priyank Kanoongo said the bill would have a serious impact on the physical, psychological and social condition of minors as well as their education.

Mr. Kanoongo said the state government should reconsider the bill and revise its provisions in accordance with the law and the welfare of children.

“The bill stipulates that the marriage between the husband who is not yet 21 years old and the bride who is not yet 18 years old can be registered by the parents or guardians within 30 days,” he said. he declares.

The latest amendment reduced the age of the bride from 21 to 18 in section 8 of the 2009 law to require parents to report the marriage to the registrar. The bill generated controversy although the provision for compulsory registration of all marriages, including child marriages, existed in the law.



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