Proposed budget amendment stops explicit or sex children’s books from public libraries


CHARLESTON COUNTY, SC (WCSC) – Charleston County Public Libraries has raised concerns about a new budget amendment that would prevent libraries from offering books or other materials to children that contain explicit or sexual content without the consent of a parent.

Library leaders say this amendment goes overboard.

Angela Craig, executive director of Charleston County Libraries, said the amendment does not need to pass. She adds that libraries already have policies in place that address the concerns.

State Sen. Josh Kimbrell, representing District 11, moved the amendment and said he didn’t think those policies were enough.

Kimbrell said the amendment was intended to protect elementary school students.

In the amendment, libraries would be forced not to have books covering topics or showing images of topics such as sexual orientation, sexual activity or gender identity in the children’s sections of libraries. State without parental approval.

The Charleston County Library said this ultimately affected their funding and how they would spend their money on certain materials.

Kimbrell said the amendment has nothing to do with reducing library funds unless libraries violate the new amendment if it passes.

“We haven’t cut their budget. My amendment has nothing to do with the amount of money they will receive. We’re just saying don’t put porn in the kids sections. It’s not rocket science,” Kimbell said.

“None of our young customers get a library card without parental consent,” Craig said. “All of our books in our collection strictly adhere to our library policy which has been proposed by our library board and approved.”

This budget amendment, if passed in the House, would go into effect once the state budget is passed. If passed, this new change would be implemented in the 2022-23 fiscal year which begins in October.

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