Proof that Harry Styles is a feminist


As Us Weekly points out, Harry Styles is a feminist, loud and clear. He’s shown his support for women and the feminist movement on several occasions, including the time he was spotted wearing a t-shirt with the slogan “Women are smarter” (via Harper’s Bazaar).

In a 2017 interview with Rolling Stone, Styles also spoke candidly about how cool he thought his female fans were (per Us Weekly), saying, “How can you say young girls don’t get it? They are our future. Our future. doctors, lawyers, mothers, presidents, they kind of move the world forward. He also revealed that he appreciates having a large female fan base, sharing “teenage girl fans – they don’t lie. If they like you, they’re there. They don’t act too much” cool”. and they tell you. Who is sick.

It’s not just feminism in general either, as Styles is known for shutting down demeaning questions about women. During an interview with hosts Jackie O and Kyle Sandilands on Australian radio station KIIS, Sandilands tried to corner Styles by referring to his playboy image and the stereotype of women who fight for him (via Capital FM) . However, Styles immediately shut down the question line, saying, “No, I’m just not doing that, I’m sorry.” Although succinct, Styles’ response shows his respect for the women in his life and for his fans.


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