Letter: Understanding Socialism Requires More Consideration | Letters



A recent letter claimed that India Walton’s defeat shows socialism being rejected by voters in Buffalo. India Walton is a social democrat not a socialist. But most Republicans know that a lot of people can’t tell the difference. So they turned this word into a weapon, trying to confuse socialism and communism. (I did not support Walton or Byron Brown for that matter).

Most western democracies operate under a combination of capitalism and socialism. Most European countries are labeled “social democracies”. Believe it or not, many social democracies exist to serve the increased benefits of their citizens. Serve their citizens. Truly!

Collecting taxes and spending them on social programs is not bad. I learned that in fifth grade. Every social program that we take for granted is paid for by our taxes. Police, fire protection, road maintenance, army, navy, etc. This is how our country works. Trying to confuse social programs with some kind of evil is nonsense. We are bombarded with Republican fear tactics. Many of them from QAnon are too crazy to describe.

But trying to overthrow democracy by storming the Capitol on January 6 was very real. After the corpses were transported off Capitol Hill, Republicans voted to overturn the election. It was real. The same is true of the Trump-Bannon plan to overthrow democracy and install a dictator.



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