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Justin Trudeau waves to a crowd outside his campaign bus in Cornwall, Prince Edward Island, Canada, August 22, 2021. (John Morris / Reuters)

In Tuesday the Wall Street newspaper, Rondi Adamson has humorously written about Justin Trudeau’s penchant for harmless phrases of the genre, in this case turning “recession” into “her-demise”. This isn’t the first time Trudeau seems to think such twisted language has won over women by his side as they mock his ally. Instead, it reveals an intellect of brotherly quality, a ‘if I pretend I’m a feminist maybe she’ll sleep with me’ mentality that is unworthy of an undergrad, let alone the prime minister. from Canada.

Adamson writes:

Shortly after calling a federal election for September 20, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau vowed to “counter the surrender and cover it up.” Excuse me while I gurgle. He then criticized the Conservative Party, saying he did not talk about such things “in his long platform”. I guess they are historical.

This isn’t the first time Mr. Trudeau has used “surrender,” and he’s always happy when he says so. Given that he made the comments and called the election amid the looming pressure in Afghanistan, perhaps an embarrassed expression would have been more appropriate.

Mr. Trudeau enjoys using language creatively to polish his feminist credentials. In 2018, he appeared at a city hall in Edmonton, Alta., And one woman in the audience used the word “humanity” in her question. Mr. Trudeau interrupted her and said, “We like to use ‘human race’. After mocking that, Mr. Trudeau said he was joking.

You can read the rest of his wonderfully caustic piece here.

Luther Ray Abel is a US Navy veteran and attends Lawrence University. He is back as a summer writing intern at National exam.

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