High Priority to Minority Welfare: Official


Vijayawada: The Director of the State Minority Welfare Department, Dr. GC Kishore Kumar said that the state government gives top priority to the development of Muslims and minorities and Chief Minister YS Jagan Mohan Reddy was ready to spend any amount for their welfare. He was discussing various issues at a meeting held under the auspices of the Minority Welfare Department at AP State Urdu Academy in Bhavanipuram here on Saturday.

Addressing the rally, Kishore Kumar said the Chief Minister is in favor of adopting more social welfare programs if new proposals are presented for the welfare and prosperity of minorities. He inquired about the performance of the Minority Protection Service from district officials. He said that as instructed by Deputy Chief Minister SB Amzath Basha and Special Secretary for Minority Welfare A Md Imtiaz, many efforts are being made for the development and welfare of minorities. Kishore asked officials to review the implementation of government social protection programs on the ground. He wants to work hard to make sure all deserving people get the benefits of welfare. Due to the shortage of officers in the Minority Department, it is suggested to use the services of the village secretariat staff and field volunteers.

Minority hostels, infrastructural facilities at boarding schools, and ongoing modernization works under Nadu-Nedu are expected to be completed quickly. He said that under Prime Minister Jana Vikas’ program there is an opportunity to build educational facilities, community halls and a skills development center in areas where there are more Muslims and minorities. On days other than Mondays a complaints officer has been appointed on behalf of each social service and they endeavor to resolve issues through them. Fees for Imams, Mauzams, Pastors, Prime Minister’s Jan Vikas Scheme, YSR Jagananna Permanent Land Rights and Land Protection as well as Waqf Lands, Central and State Government Scholarship Schemes and other issues were discussed.

Waqf Board CEO, Urdu Academy Director Abdul Qadeer, Waqf Investigation Commissioner Sheikh Sheerin Begum, MD Dudekula Nur Basha Federation Dr Mohammad Mastan, CEDM Director Mohammad Mastan Vali, Christian Corporation MD Elisha, 26 District Minority Welfare Officers, Unit Managers and State Office staff participated.


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