Gordon Brown’s latest political intervention is “morally indefensible hypocrisy”



FORMER Prime Minister Gordon Brown has been arrested for his “morally indefensible hypocrisy” over social security and the Union.

Writing for the Guardian this week, the former Labor leader expressed concern over the state of the UK’s welfare system.

It comes as 800,000 people across the UK are set to fall into poverty by the universal credit cut of £ 20 per week next month. Almost half a million Scots are receiving the payment, and three-quarters of them will not be able to cope with the £ 1,040 a year reduction, according to the Citizen’s Advice Bureau.

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Leaders from Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales recently urged Westminster to reverse the planned cut, but were ignored.

Brown, a cheerleader for unionism and the founder of the anti-independence think tank Our Scottish Future, wrote in her article: “The poor in Britain can no longer count on social security for the bare minimum. they need to avoid sinking into extreme poverty. Their lifeline is now charity.

Gordon MacDonald (above), the SNP’s chief whip at Holyrood, criticized Brown’s shared beliefs in the welfare system and the Union.

He commented: ‘Gordon Brown has finally recognized that the control of Westminster is a relentless disaster for so many Scottish families, that the welfare system administered by Westminster has been so systematically dismantled that the poorest Scots have had to rely on it. charity.

“Meanwhile, as the acclaimed great defender of Westminster control, Brown also supports the campaign which has allowed Tories like Boris Johnson to continue to inflict these catastrophic policies on Scotland. He called on the Scottish government to do more but admits it was Westminster policies that pushed thousands of families into poverty. ”

MacDonald has said that to assert that Westminster’s policies have failed so many while continuing to defend its “corrosive influence” is “morally indefensible hypocrisy.”

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“This level of intellectual dishonesty should serve as a wake-up call to remaining voters who believe Brown has Scotland’s best interests at heart. He doesn’t.

“The only way to protect Scotland is to become an independent country – a choice which will be given to the Scottish people in a post-pandemic referendum.”

Speaking to Sky this morning, Business Secretary Paul Scully said taxes should rise in order to avoid the universal credit cut by £ 20 per week.

“You have to find £ 6 billion somewhere,” he told the channel.

The National:

Former Scottish Tory leader Ruth Davidson and her peers last night criticized the Tory government’s decision to go ahead with benefit cuts – expected to be the biggest overnight cut in welfare of modern history.

She told Robert Peston’s ITV show: “To be honest with you, I don’t agree with that, I didn’t vote for it. I know there are a lot of people within. from the Conservative Party who are deeply uncomfortable with this, and this is one where I hope the treasury can think again.



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