Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal hails state budget 2022-23, calls it ‘jobs centred’


In a significant development, the Delhi government has taken a key approach from its predecessors in developing a people-centred budget. Speaking on the same subject, Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal noted that despite the red fuss from the centre, the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) was able to get the job done. Kejriwal was referring to the proposal to create 20 lakh new jobs in Delhi over the next 5 years as per the 2022-23 budget announced by his government and also pointed to another proposal to establish boarding schools for street children.

Highlighting how the Aam Aadmi Party brought the employment issue into the mainstream by presenting a jobs-centric budget, Delhi CM Kejriwal said: “Jobs was the issue that was only discussed during the campaigns. election, after that, no one used to solve this problem. For the first time since independence, a budget has been established keeping employment at the center of its concerns.

It is pertinent to mention here that earlier on March 26, the Delhi CM called for the 2022-23 budget, presented to the Delhi assembly by Finance Minister Manish Sisodia, to be employment-focused as it incorporates a solution to the problem of unemployment and inflation. for city people. The state government, in the budget proposal, sought to generate 20 lakh new jobs over the next five years.

The AAP government’s approach to development is better than that of the opposition

Delhi CM also took note of the budget proposal to set up schools for vagabond children, “Some governments have passed anti-begging laws as they lack humanity. But, in this budget, we have decided to do boarding schools worth Rs.10 Cr for wandering children begging and dancing at traffic lights, where all their needs will be taken care of.”

Accusing the central government of working at a snail’s pace on the Delhi administration records, Kejriwal said, “Central government hampered the Mohalla clinic records and then they restricted the CCTV records but we we got them passed. For the past 25 years governments were supposed to delay and hinder work. For the first time, there is a government that believes in working for the people.

In the recently announced state budget, Delhi has proposed the opening of Mohalla clinics in schools. With 5.5 million people driven into poverty each year in India due to health problems, Mohalla clinics will be opened in Delhi’s educational institutions. So far, 5.49 Crore people have received free treatment from Mohalla clinics.


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