Corbyn calls for music and poetry at every meeting to inspire people to socialism



More people might be tempted to embrace socialism by including music and poetry in every meeting, Jeremy Corbyn said.

The former Labor leader said at an event at The World Transformed conference, which runs alongside the Labor Party conference in Brighton, that political meetings don’t have to be boring and “run by cold winter nights in miserable rooms “.

And he said there were many different ways people could come to “political conclusions.”

Labor leader Jeremy Corbyn with activists at the Flash Music Theater, Edgware, London, in 2019 (Victoria Jones / PA)

Mr Corbyn was responding to a question from the audience on how to tackle the fear of the word socialism.

He replied, “Well, socialism is about everyday life and the way you live your life.”

He said that “the vast majority of people have socialist values ​​to some extent,” and cited support for the NHS as an example.

But he said, “Socialism is also about culture, art and expression, so we shouldn’t kind of always cut ourselves off and insist that all meetings are always pretty boring and rather. austere and rather long, and preferably held. cold winter nights in miserable rooms.

“In fact, I think all of our meetings should include music, should include poetry, should include ways to get people thinking about things because people come to political conclusions through many different paths. .

“Let’s make sure we’re on all of these roads as well.”



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