Women fight Hindutva vigils who disrupt Christmas prayers in Karnataka


Kunigal police did not deal with the altercation.

Women at a Dalit household in Tumakuru repelled an attack by a group of Hindu vigilantes who broke into their home and tried to prevent them from celebrating a Christmas event on Tuesday. Video of the incident that was shared widely shows the women refusing to be intimidated by intimidation and questioning the legitimacy of the men who broke into their homes.

The police were eventually called to the house. However, no case has been recorded regarding the altercation. The incident took place in the village of Bilidevalaya in the Kunigal taluk in Tumakuru on Tuesday evening at around 7:30 p.m. Raju P, the police inspector of the Kunigal Police Station, said there had been complaints from both groups involved in the dispute but no cases had been recorded. “The police arrived at the scene immediately when we got a call and spoke to the two groups. The family was celebrating Christmas but not many men went there and disturbed them. It was just an argument. and there was no violence. We have not recorded any cases. about it, “said police inspector Raju.

Speaking to TNM, Ramu Bajarangi, a Bajrang Dal leader of the Kunigal taluk in Tumakuru, said a member of the village gram panchayat noticed that Ramachandra’s family in his village had started to offer Christian prayers in their village. residence during the last month. He alerted a group of men from Bajrang Dal, a Hindutva group, who mobilized men and stormed into Ramachandra’s house on Tuesday evening.

In the argument that followed, the crowd of men asked the residents of Ramachandra’s house why they were celebrating Christmas. Residents of the house responded by saying that they are Christian believers and that there is nothing wrong with celebrating Christmas.

The crowd of men then questioned the women of the household, asking them why they did not wear a sindhoor, which the Bajrang Dal men said was a hallmark of a Hindu woman. In response to this, Nandini, one of the women, pointed out that who they pray to is their prerogative and it is not for Bajrang Dal. They told the men that they were wearing thaalis and that there was nothing wrong with celebrating Christmas at home. “Who are you to question? Why do you think we wear thali? One of the women of the house asked.

The argument continued with the men asking why the residents of the house had converted to Christianity. To this question, the women responded by saying that they are Hindus but that they practice Christian beliefs. “Where did this (conversion) take place? What proof do you have (of the conversion)? It is our wish if we want to celebrate Christmas!”, We hear the woman say.

The argument highlighted the fact that some Christian believers did not officially request government certificates attesting to a change of religion. Hindustva groups have targeted this particular section of citizens straddling Hinduism and Christianity, accusing Christian believers of forcibly converting people to Christianity. In many reported cases in Karnataka, Christian believers said that even the police questioned them about their beliefs and asked them why they were praying to Jesus.

A report by the Popular Union for Civil Liberties (PUCL) previously highlighted 39 incidents of violence against Christians and Christian believers across Karnataka in 2021. In numerous incidents, a Hindutva group was mobilized to disrupt a Christian prayer meeting. The report revealed that the police and in some cases the media colluded with Hindutva groups in these attacks.


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