Woman reveals shocking man’s first date in TikTok video



A woman took to TikTok to reveal what happened when she went to dinner with a man, calling it the “worst date” she has ever had.

A woman revealed that she had had the worst possible date.

The man accompanying her to dinner got drunk and checked to see if she was shaving under her arms.

Taking to TikTok, Kailly Jo explained how the “horrible” date played out, The Sun reports.

“I walked in the rain, I got back to my car to get away from this man as quickly as possible,” she revealed.

She explained that because she’s a single mom, she doesn’t have a lot of time to go out on dates.

“The date started well, he’s not my type but I gave him a chance because I don’t have much luck with my type,” she continued.

During their date, she explained that she was actually having fun with the man because they had the same interests and political beliefs.

“I have two beers, he has four. Red flag! We go to a second bar and we talk about cooking and our love of sharp knives.

“I’m joking about the way I shave my legs with a very sharp knife and he says he doesn’t know if I’m serious about my tattoos.

“And I’m like ‘Oh, I don’t shave at all.’ He raises my arm to see if I’m shaving, then says, “If you don’t shave, I wouldn’t be on this date with you because it’s disgusting.”

“Sir, you pretend you’re a feminist and you’re a liberal and all that stuff, but you’re disgusted with the social construction of women’s body hair. So I tried to dig deeper.

“He says he’s a man and wants to date someone who’s the opposite of me.

“Finally, I told him he was misogynist and I got out of there because we don’t have time for that, ladies.”

After their horrible date, Kailly Jo received a text from her date, which said, “It was the worst best date I have ever had.

“I’m sorry I wasn’t very open and I’m sorry it ended this way. I had a lot of fun and you screwed up to fuck a **! I just wanted to say that!

“It went south so fast and I regret it. It doesn’t matter. Anyone who hopes you sleep well and have a good day tomorrow and a great weekend.

KaillyJo felt compelled to answer him and said, “It was 1000% the worst date I have ever had. I had to give my answer a few days because I don’t really want to waste my time anymore but it must be said.

She went on to say that her comments about the sexual assault were “one of the most disgusting things I have ever heard”.

“You told me I was ‘boring you’, not once but TWICE. You said more than twice ‘I hate feminists because …’ then you continued to expose that you were feel targeted by feminists just because you’re a man, when in fact it’s probably because you’re not one of those good guys.

“I’m one of those feminists who ‘wear overalls and yell at people; that you hate. You are the reason we need feminism. You are part of the problem.

Safe to say, her date quickly ended the conversation and told her she was “nuts” after being called.

This article originally appeared on The Sun and has been reprinted with permission



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