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We launched the Party for Socialism and Liberation (PSL) with a small handful of members, determined to build a multi-national, multi-generational, large-scale socialist party in a country that seemed to have mostly rejected socialism. The task seemed daunting. We were few in number with virtually no resources at a time when socialism was treated as an absolute taboo in the United States. Today, 18 years later, the PSL has sections, collectives and members across the country. We have an organized presence in over 100 cities and towns and have significantly expanded our presence throughout the South in recent years. We are growing dynamically and are calling on you to support our continued growth.

Each year, all PSL members participate in a national fundraiser. Like a union or many other types of labor organizations, we know that the only way to be politically independent of the capitalist class is to be financially independent of them. We call on our friends and supporters to contribute to this fund. Watch the video above to hear our members explain why fundraising funds and your support are essential to so many activities. From launching national initiatives, to getting organizers and stakeholders on the road, to supporting and coordinating local organization, producing PSL publications and other media, and deepening the work of the Party’s international solidarity, national fundraising is essential.

This year alone, we have witnessed an all-out assault by the ruling class on the basic democratic rights of the people, from indigenous sovereignty to Miranda rights, jobs, the right to vote and even self-governance. bodily and basic reproductive choice. And all this while the Democrats control the House, the Senate and the White House!

But across the country, the PSL is fighting back and real victories are being won by the people even in this time of reaction.

Through the dedication of our members in terms of time, money, collective work and sacrifice, the PSL has helped to build and sustain movements against oppression and for liberation. We are asking for your donation to give us the financial resources necessary to continue to advance the fight.

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