Victims of industrial witch hunt call on socialists to denounce party “oppressive regime”


THE latest victims of Labor’s alleged witch-hunt against the socialists urged the left to continue denouncing the “oppressive regime” within the party today.

Local councilors Pamela Fitzpatrick and Jo Bird, who were kicked out of the Labor Party last week, were guests of the Not the Andrew Marr Show, hosted by Crispin Flintoff of Labor Grassroots.

Ms Fitzpatrick, who represents Harrow and is a former chair of the local Labor group, accused party law of expelling her to protect the “little group of men” at the heart of the abuse.

She also revealed that her deportation was communicated to the media, despite Labor’s insistence that those deported respect confidentiality.

“We must encourage [people to speak up] because keeping your head down doesn’t work, ”she said.

Ms Fitzpatrick accused party leaders of “abusing our processes,” adding: “They have no reason to kick me out, but they did.”

Ms Bird, Bromborough’s councilor on the Wirral in Merseyside, said she was ‘delighted’ to have finally been kicked out of the party.

“I feel free, I am free from this ridiculous oppressive regime that the Labor Party has become.

Yesterday, Laura Pidcock and Nadia Jama, members of the Labor National Executive (NEC), submitted a motion to the NEC stressing that a ban on “support” for various banned organizations had not defined what support meant, and that applying it retrospectively to disciplinary members for actions prior to the ban violated natural justice.

He calls for clarity on the grounds on which members can be suspended or expelled and for an end to retroactive sanctions for “infractions” that were permitted at the time.

Labor has been contacted for comment.

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