Val Demings slams Marco Rubio’s silence on Rick Scott’s tax hike plan


“Marco Rubio’s party boss plans to raise taxes…and he’s getting behind it.”

Sen. Rick Scott isn’t on the ballot in 2022, but a Democratic Senate candidate makes him an issue.

representing Val Demingsthe likely 2022 Democratic nominee, took the incumbent Republican senator. Marco Rubio to work on Friday for a proposal made by Scott.

Demings specifically said that Rubio could not go against his “party leader’s” wishes.

“Marco Rubio’s party leader plans to raise taxes on workers and seniors in Florida, and he’s getting behind it. Because Marco Rubio is too cowardly to stand up to politicians and special interests telling him what to do,” Demings claimed.

by Scott”11 point plan to save Americaincluded a call for everyone to have “skin in the game”, suggesting that those not currently subject to income tax should pay.

“All Americans would have to pay income tax to get in on the game, even if it’s a small amount. Currently, more than half of Americans don’t pay income tax” , Scott claimed, with a spokesperson offering broader context to FactCheck.Org.

“Sen. Scott thinks everyone should pay their fair share and everyone should have their skin in the game,” said Chris Hartlinspokesperson for the group controlled by Scott National Republican Senate Committee.

“There are too many people taking advantage of government services without contributing to the system. This would obviously not include retirees who have paid a lot of taxes or American workers who contribute to the system through income tax or payroll taxes. He thinks there are too many able-bodied Americans choosing not to work, in part because of the policies of Joe Biden and the Democrats, who expanded the welfare state and paid people more for not working than for working. That should change,” Hartline added.

We reached out to the Rubio campaign for a response to Demings’ assertion that the senator cannot counter Scott on this tax proposal. We will update if such is provided.

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