True centrists should avoid ‘socialist’ labels


To the author of the letter entitled “Why don’t political centrists have a say?” (July 9), I too consider myself a centrist. However, I chose to have my say as a registered Democrat. I also think your characterization of the Democratic Party is far from basic.

The term ‘progressive’ has become fashionable because the far-right propaganda machine, through its media, has mocked ‘liberal’. And guess what, the right-wing media is back with the lie that progressives and democrats are all socialists.

As to whether the dominant political movement within the Democratic Party is socialist as you say, where is the evidence? Are candidates like Charlie Crist, Nikki Fried and Val Demings calling for the nationalization of the oil industry or the airlines? Did you ask the candidate who knocked on your door about his political views to determine if he was a socialist?

I respect that you don’t want to declare a party affiliation, it’s your right, but please don’t help spread baseless lies while you’re at it.

Steve Stora Lake Mary

This is in response to Michael Dalton’s letter to the editor, “Why can’t political centrists have a say?” :

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Amen, my brother. I have a hard time agreeing with Democrats or Republicans on any issue. I am a registered Republican. I consider myself a moderate. The Democrats seem to be pushing their “progressive” positions. Republicans want to “own the libs”. I want someone who will make the country better for everyone and stop trying to hurt people on the other side. This is getting this country nowhere.

Samuel G. Smith Clermont

I found Ken LaRoe’s comments in Sunday’s Central Florida 100 (“Court’s power”) to be way off base. It is an exaggeration to think that the Supreme Court is “now in charge of climate policy”. Anyone who has dealt with the EPA will attest to all the ridiculous minutia that unnecessarily burdens us citizens. These bureaucrats are the unelected people who make the decisions and the rules. It should be up to Congress to monitor these people, but they are not. But I agree with LaRoe that giving so much power to the unelected is “scary” and “absurd.”

Georges Woodruff winter park

Your headline “Can State Democrats Recover from the Fall?” on Sunday’s front page belongs more to the editorial page. This implies that the Democrats are in freefall, which is an opinion. The media is reporting that the Democrats will lose “roughly” all year. They may end up being one of the main factors in making their prediction come true.

Ben Humphries Orlando


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