The local mason is promoting himself as a courageous feminist ally by also inciting men – The Betoota Advocate



The old guard may be disappearing on construction sites across Australia as local bricklayer Darren Roon (24) introduced himself as a feminist ally by also calling out a man.

Slurs, also known as “street harassment” or “an idiot’s self-identification system”, is the act of making sounds or gestures, often of a sexual nature, towards a stranger in public. .

Women are most often the recipients of screams and men represent almost 100% of town criers, with construction sites being one of the most stereotypical places where screaming takes place.

It is for this reason that Roon has done his part to level the statistics on his yard by telling a few passing men that he hopes the wind is blowing their shirts too.

“I tried explaining to some of the guys that women don’t like to be insulted,” Roon said as he enjoyed another lonely lunch break.

“Apparently they’ve all talked to women who like it, which is weird because I’ve never seen them talk to a woman. It had to be a cam girl or something.

When his initial “education and enlightenment” plan failed, Roon decided to fight fire with fire and let the men on the streets know that they themselves look pretty hot.

“I started by screaming ‘beautiful legs’ or by whistling but my heart was not there. Now, I’m just lensing any guy that passes, demanding that he come back with a deeper v-neck that shows a little more of those muscles.

“They don’t like it any more than women, but my colleagues hate it!” I think they would appreciate it a lot more if they smiled every now and then.

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