The Lantern Makers of Ulverston appeared on Granada Tonight in 1995ding.



ULVERSTON’s lantern makers were scheduled to light up television screens on September 14, 1995, when they appeared on Granada Tonight.

Grenada Television visited the day before to film local school children at the lantern-making workshops held at Welfare State International’s headquarters in The Ellers in the city.

POWER: Viv Riley sands shelves during a women’s power tools class at Welfare State International in 1995

The next day, the apprentice lantern makers were planning to visit Granada TV Studios in Manchester.

Cllr Dave Miller said: “We understand that they have to light the lanterns at the end of the program, when the studio lights are dimmed.”

The Ulverston lantern procession was due to take place later in the week and was to end that year’s charter festival.

In 1997, Welfare State International unveiled large £ 750,000 models for its new Ulverston headquarters at The Ellers.

The company, which won a £ 1.6million lottery the previous year, had unveiled an architect’s plan to turn the former National School into a design and music studio for setting street theater scene and parades.

Award-winning architect from Preston, Francis Robert, had attempted to emulate a giant glass lantern in his design in honor of the famous Ulverston Lantern Parade held annually by Welfare State.

TOUR: The Welfare State International tower in 1995

TOUR: The Welfare State International tower in 1995

Under the plans, the two-story building would gain an additional floor. They also included an oval, soundproof music room on the second floor, a lift for the disabled, and an artists-in-residence office next to the main building.

“I think the plan is wonderful. A tremendous amount of thought, imagination and care has gone into the design,” said Sue Gill of Welfare State.

Welfare State Artistic Director John Fox said: “These will be immensely better facilities for the community.”

The welfare state was to raise an additional £ 200,000 to win the national lottery prize. He already had around £ 250,000.

LANTERN: Dave Young from Ulverston making a lantern at Welfare State International in 1995

LANTERN: Dave Young from Ulverston making a lantern at Welfare State International in 1995

In February, the building’s design was praised by city councilors, who had a caveat. They supported the idea of ​​providing plans abandoned by the welfare state for full-length front windows.

Deputy Mayor Richard Scott said: “It’s a wonderful thing for the community and a great center and I think the plans are good but I would like them to keep the original windows.



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