The Himachal government is committed to the well-being of the Gaddi community: Jai Ram Thakur


The state police department has been tasked with taking immediate action to control the theft of sheep and goats from the Gaddi community and to take tough action against criminals, Chief Minister Jai Ram said on Sunday. Thakur.

He chaired the 18th meeting of the Himachal Pradesh Gaddi Kalyan Board of Directors in Dharamshala.

He said that standard operating procedures (SOPs) have been issued according to which the responsibility of the police administration has been set in order to ensure the safety of the life and property of the semi-nomadic community.

The chief minister said compensation should be provided to the Gaddis without delay for the loss of their sheep or goats due to natural disasters or the pandemic.

He called on relevant officials to ensure timely vaccination to protect their herd from various diseases.

Instructions were also issued to separately consider the issues raised at the meeting regarding the opening and upgrading of health and education facilities in tribal and hard areas.

He asked the service concerned to ensure that no one transfers his grazing license to another person.

Thakur said it was during the NDA regime led by Atal Bihari Vajpayee that the Gaddi community was granted List Tribe status in 2003.

He said that all Gaddi communities in the state were granted tribal status much earlier, but tribal status was not available to the Gaddi community living in the amalgamated areas in Himachal of Punjab in 1966. He said the state government would consider including adequate representation of tribal people. members of the Listed Tribes Commission of the Listed Castes.

He said steps would be taken to provide an adequate budget for tribal people living in non-tribal areas. He said the state government got ??46 crore from the Department of Tribal Affairs, Government of India, for the development of tribal people living in non-tribal areas over the past three years.

“Apart from that, funds are also made available by state plans through various departments,” he added.

The chief minister said ??2.40 crore has been provided to Himachal Pradesh Handicrafts and Handloom Corporation over the past three years. He also asked the departments to keep the development and well-being of the Gaddi community in mind while making their plans.

He also called on the livestock department to strive to improve the income of the Gaddi community by providing them with the latest scientific technology.

Tribal Development Minister Ram Lal Markanda said the board meeting was delayed due to the pandemic.


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