The adulterated version of Nigerian feminism


I don’t normally write about contentious and controversial issues like these, but the fact that they keep getting stronger and bigger as if no one can call them to order is my motivation to write about it. If the so-called Nigerian feminists don’t have anyone to tell them then I’m here to tell them that they are just a bunch of pranksters who really don’t know what feminism is as a movement and who do not know what to learn about the cardinal ideologies of this beautiful movement.

Truth be told, the ideologies of feminism practiced in Nigeria are a corrupted and adulterated version of what global feminism is that originated in the West.

Most Nigerian feminists are just a bitter and resentful bunch who due to some of their bad experiences have grievances against the male gender and this is what catalyzes their so-called feminist viewpoint. They are also a group of narcissistic individuals who always want to apply their rules to everyone and want every woman to follow their rules and if a woman does not follow these rules, that woman will automatically be labeled as a saboteur sabotaging their movement.

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For the record, feminism is not a fight against men; it is not a global attack on the male gender, rather it is a struggle for equality in which even men are comrades and have long identified with the movement.

Men want women to have the same opportunities and not to be discriminated against because of their gender. Any man who has a daughter or a sister will not be happy if his daughter, sister or friend is discriminated against because she is female. Feminism is therefore a movement for both sexes and each sex supports it. Therefore, attacks from the borders of the movement in Nigeria are totally unnecessary; we are comrades in this struggle.

Feminism is just an advocacy for women’s rights on the basis of equality. It’s about all genders having equal rights and opportunities. It is a socio-political movement born out of the need to rectify gender inequalities and create equal opportunities for both genders.


Let’s go back to how Nigerian feminists managed to reduce an admirable movement to something no one would want to be identified with anymore.

The so-called feminist should also understand that feminism is not a fight against “harmless” cultures and traditions. The court is there to invalidate “harmful” cultures and traditions that are contrary to natural justice, fairness and good conscience.

There is nothing harmful in a woman ceremonially kneeling down to serve a drink to her husband in their traditional wedding ceremony and it should not make the woman an attack counsel for this act.

It’s a patriarchal society no doubt, but some things are not threats to the female sex. The kneeling controversy is never a threat to equality nor can it reinforce discrimination against the female sex.

If you’re a feminist and you choose not to celebrate your marriage that style, fine, but attacking another mate for their choice only shows that you’re just a bitter, jealous narcissist.

For the sake of emphasis for Nigerian feminists; feminism is a movement for gender equality and a movement against gender discrimination and I have yet to understand how a woman ceremonially kneeling down to serve a drink to her man in accordance with her culture stings equality.


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