‘Ted Lasso’ actress Hannah Waddingham praises the ‘dedicated male feminists’ behind the show


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“Ted Lasso” has dropped the sports comedy model on its head and audiences love it.

Starring actresses Hannah Waddingham and Juno Temple explain how the series treats women on camera and behind the scenes in new Variety cover maintenance.

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“I’ve never done a show with so many men on it… [‘Ted Lasso’] is such a male-centric show that it could easily be, if not hostile, a little overwhelming for the few women who are onscreen, ”Waddingham said. “But the writers’ room is universally filled with staunch male feminists and it comes from above.”

“There is never a time in the script or in real life when it would be tolerated,” she continues. “Any kind of machismo that exists is very ridiculed. There is always a nod to the ridiculous, which is really lovely.

Co-creator and co-star Jason Sudeikis is keenly aware of the show’s lack of toxic masculinity.

“It didn’t sound subversive,” adds Sudeikis. “The company that I have been fortunate to keep as a former high school athlete is a bunch of really funny, sweet, kind guys who are great dads and friends, and very much in touch with their feminine side.”

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The way the female characters are written was at the forefront of Sudeikis’ mind as well, especially playing on the trope of women competing against each other.

“We definitely wanted to play on the preconceived idea that they’re not going to get along,” Sudeikis says. “These tropes have been around for a long time, so why not use them to our advantage? “

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