State budget includes $ 1 million for Garrapata State Park • Atascadero News


Funds will improve the park’s trail system for visitors, restore sensitive habitats and protect archaeological sites

SACRAMENTO – Governor Newsom recently signed the Budget Trailer Bill AB 170, which includes $ 1 million for existing trails in Garrapata State Park.

Garrapata State Park is located at the northern end of the Big Sur Coast and includes seven miles of scenic rocky shoreline, coves, and the sandy expanse of Garrapata Beach. The park stretches along four miles of State Coast Highway 1, covering a total of 2,902 acres.

“My request for funding in this year’s budget for Garrapata State Park will improve the park’s trail system for visitors, restore sensitive habitats and protect archaeological sites,” Laird noted. “I thank Governor Newsom and my colleagues for their collaboration on this historic budget for Senate District 17 and the California Coast. “

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The funds will be directed to the Coastal Habitat Restoration and Trail Improvement Management Plan issued by the California Department of Parks and Recreation to address outstanding rehabilitation and restoration projects along the coastal bluffs and from the shore on the west side of Highway 1. The funds will be administered by the State Coastal Conservancy through grants to state parks which will take the lead in the implementation of the projects.

“Garrapata State Park is one of the most scenic and busiest areas in our beautiful state. The projects funded through this year’s budget will allow Californians and visitors around the world to continue to enjoy the beauty and recreational opportunities it offers, ”said Laird. “I look forward to the successful rehabilitation of existing trails that are showing signs of accelerated erosion, in addition to habitat restoration for Smith’s Blue Butterfly and California Red-legged Frogs.”

Further details regarding the distribution of funds will be published in the coming months.

Senator John Laird represents the 17th District of the State Senate, which includes all of Santa Cruz and San Luis Obispo counties, the majority of Monterey County, as well as parts of Santa Clara County. Previously, he served as Secretary of the California Natural Resources Agency, Member of the State Integrated Waste Management Board, Member of the State Assembly, Executive Director of the Santa Cruz Aids Project and two terms as Mayor of Santa Cruz. His life of public service and advocacy for social justice saw him become one of the first openly gay mayors to serve in the United States. Senator Laird was a longtime resident of Santa Cruz with his wife John Flores.


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