Socialism and secularism have caused poverty in the country, according to Tejasvi Surya


BJP MP and National President Yuva Morcha, Tejasvi Surya, said socialism and secularism are at the heart of poverty in India.

Speaking after opening a debate on the governance of the Modi government at the Country Inn Hotel, Manipal, the parliamentarian said that at the root of several problems in India are ideologies about socialism and secularism.

Returning heavily to ideologies, he said their unnecessary stance was responsible for the instability in the country.

Secularism has affected Hindus massively, resulting in atrocities on the part of Muslims and Christians. Violence against Hindus caused them to lose their self-esteem and respect, he claimed.

Congress should be held responsible for all irregularities since it has adopted a secular and social stance totally alien to Indian civilization. These two ideologies will never be able to solve the problems that exist in the country, he said.

He said the nation was changing, however, and examples like Ram Mandir coming true were testament to that. The milestone recorded in the Ram Mandir dispute is pending and would not have happened in India before the BJP rule.

Justice has never been bold enough to deliver a verdict in favor of the Hindus. The reincarnation of Hinduism is taking place in the country. There are changes that are happening for good, the MP said.

He alleged that socialism has hampered the industrialization process and villages remain ravaged by poverty. This has pushed farmers to continue to embrace poverty.

Ideologies like communism and socialism prevent people from getting rich and settled. Socialism should be credited for the generation of black money and the instability of the economy. Ideologies also paved the way for the dynasty’s controlling supremacy, he claimed.

“If India is to remain as Bharat, it should be completely a Hindu country. The Constitution becomes strong when the majority community becomes powerful. Quoting Swami Vivekananda, the parliamentarian said that a Hindu who converts to another religion not only reduces the number of Hindus, but at the same time also adds to the number of enemies for Hindus, ”said Surya.

He added, however, that Modi is bringing about an irreversible transformation not only by reducing poverty, but also by creating prosperity.

Only the BJP can understand the nerve of the new generation, he said.

The “License Raj” had hampered the creation and operation of businesses. The times have made young people not accept the entrepreneurial approach in which the creators of wealth in the private sector were deliberately demotivated, he said.

Due to changing policies, India is emerging as a hub for investment. Global investors are investing in India after the country formulates policies to build wealth, he said.

He ridiculed Congress for opposing the anti-conversion bill and said former chief minister Siddaramaiah was tasked with opposing the bill by Sonia Gandhi and that Sonia Gandhi in turn had received instructions from Italy.


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