SLOBODIAN: Singh lives in the fantasy world of a socialist



During leaders’ debates, NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh was not compelled to explain his support for crushing fundamental freedoms, replacing parental rights and protecting the safety of immigrants who commit crimes serious rather than that of Canadians.

He explained – when pressed – who would pay for the things he promises to deliver to Canadians if he is Prime Minister.

The “billionaires”, idiots!

A problematic reality in Singh’s fantasy is the shortage of taxpayer billionaires to foot the bill for the breathtaking billions his extreme plans would cost.

Perhaps Singh could import billionaires with oil tankers from Saudi Arabia and elsewhere who will arrive more frequently to keep Canada going if he succeeds in his quest to shut down its energy industry.

Clever. Place shiny objects of everything for free in front of voters – universal drug plan, dental coverage and mental health while ending private for-profit care. At the same time, make them have too much resentment towards these rich selfish people to notice that your plan has more holes than a sieve.

There is nothing original about Singh’s ploy to woo voters with cradle-to-grave pledges. It echoes the empty vows that diehard socialists always make before destroying the quality of life and the country. History shows that they all fail.

Think of the dictator Fidel Castro who made similar promises. When he died in November 2106, the starving, sick, bitter and oppressed Cubans rejoiced.

Not Singh. He tweeted: “He saw a country ravaged by poverty, illiteracy and disease. So he led a revolution that improved the lives of millions of people. RIP #FidelCastro.

Singh’s Tweet

Is it plausible that Singh, a former criminal defense attorney, has not heard of Castro’s death squads, the imprisonment of homosexuals, or the promises of education and health care that did not materialize? never materialized?

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau also expressed his “deep sadness” over Castro’s death.

These toxic twins Singh and Trudeau agree on a lot of things, especially the destruction of Canada’s energy industry, and tend to support each other in their unpopular policies.

Different parties, same ideals.

Trudeau made broken promises to deliver the utopia, but still soared the national debt to an incredible $ 1.1 trillion to $ 1.3 trillion. Singh makes Utopia impossible promises on steroids that will push her higher. He makes US President Joe Biden’s spending policies look like Reaganomics’ in comparison.

Singh has put a price on his grandiose election promises – after Canadians have already started voting early – claiming that $ 166 billion in projected revenue of the $ 214 billion over five years needed for his programs would come from tax hikes for Canada’s richest residents and businesses.

“There was a time when the super-rich paid more than their fair share. This is what we want to come back to, that the burden should not be borne by the middle class, by the workers. It should be the ones at the highest level, ”Singh said.

Inevitably, the middle class will pay. They still do. The programs always cost a lot more than what they are offered for.

They include: health care – $ 68 billion; reconciliation with indigenous peoples – $ 30 billion; initiatives to tackle climate change and support energy workers in the transition – $ 26 billion.

The revenue would also come from plans to implement a 20% tax on foreign homebuyers and eliminate subsidies to the oil and gas sector.

Last month, Singh pledged to eliminate $ 18 billion in fossil fuel subsidies for oil and gas companies and redirect savings to the renewable energy sector.

The problem is, the oil and gas industry is not receiving $ 18 billion in subsidies. He pays high taxes and, especially in the case of Alberta, supports the welfare programs Singh adores with equalization payments.

Singh has declared war on the fossil fuel industry. He would finish the job Trudeau started by destroying Alberta. Surprisingly, the races are tight in some ridings, including Edmonton Center and Edmonton Griesbach, between the Conservative and NDP candidates.

After the way former NDP premier Rachael Notley decimated the province, why are Albertans, other resource-rich provinces and First Nations who want to kick-start their energy projects even playing with the NDP vote? Imagine if Singh declared his intention to destroy the auto industry in Ontario or the aviation industry in Quebec?

Singh’s cradle-to-grave socialism that will hurt middle-class Canadians and small businesses is not all that Canadians should be concerned about.

Singh promotes division by accusing Canada of being a “place of racism” by saying that “Muslims are not safe in this country” without providing proof because there is none.

What else does he put up with?

• Vaccine passports,

• A home support order imposed by the government to fight COVID-19,

• Pour more money into the waste of the United Nations and the World Health Organization,

• Citizenship tests for immigrants on “very basic and simple subjects” to demonstrate their understanding of Canada,

• Canadians who find it difficult to get funding programs for their children in school should pay for free English lessons for immigrants,

• Immigrants who commit serious crimes in Canada should only be removed from where they came “if it is safe for them to return”

• Even if the federal government does not improve its ability to screen potential terrorists, Muslim immigrants should not be barred from entering Canada,

• The government should regulate hate speech online,

• Children under 18 should be legally able to receive gender transition treatment, prohibiting parental authority,

• Transgender athletes should be allowed to participate in events even if men have an advantage over women,

• Foreigners residing in Canada should have the right to vote,

• Decriminalize drug use.

Meanwhile, Canada could lose an important trading partner and ally with Singh as Prime Minister. Singh’s support for Sikh separatist groups and his criticism of New Delhi’s human rights record made him the first Western politician to be denied entry into India.

Singh spoke out against terrorism. But after winning the leadership in 2017, he sparked controversy by appearing on CBC and refusing to speak out against Talwinder Singh Parmer, seen as the mastermind behind the 1985 Air India bombing.

Oh, and Singh, that likable and seemingly harmless guy who appears in TV commercials, says it shouldn’t be illegal to burn the Canadian flag.

Slobodian is the Manitoba Senior Columnist for the Western Standard
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