Republicans spotlight Cuba as failure of socialism as protests erupt over historic economic crisis


Republicans cite Cuba’s anxiety as proof that socialist politics will eventually fail, even if far-left Democrats tend to accept it.

As Cuba faces the worst economic crisis in decades, thousands of Cubans take to the streets of Havana over the weekend, damaging the country’s deteriorating situation under the communist regime.

Cuban rebels wave the American flag during the march

“Socialism leads to pain and suffering, and Cuba is a prime example,” Senator Marsha Blackburn of Tennessee said in a statement. “Biden must put pressure on Cuba to give assurances that he will not shoot his own people. This is Biden’s main test. He must show leadership and American influence. Must. “

Cuban-American Senators Marco Rubio (Republican) and Ted Cruz (Republican) made particularly strong statements about the Cuban system of government.

“Demonstration against #Cuba “It’s not just a ‘shortage’,” Rubio said. If you give up your freedom, socialism promises food, medicine and income guarantees. “

Cruz opposed the “despotism” of the Cuban government and declared that his family had fled the country.

Democratic Socialists Ignore Cuban Protesters Against Communist Dictatorship

“For decades, Cubans have fought the tyranny of the Communist regime and have taken to the streets to demand freedom,” Cruz said in a statement. “This administration has brutalized and denied the freedom of Cubans for generations, forcing many, including my family, to flee or be killed.

Meanwhile, self-proclaimed Democratic Socialists, such as Senator Bernie Sanders of Vermont and Alexandria Ocasio Cortez of Vermont, appear to be in tune with each other by not admitting what is happening in Cuba.

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However, President Biden issued a pro-Cuban statement “courageously affirming basic and universal rights.”

“We support the Cuban people, and their declaration is free from the tragic grip of the pandemic and the decades of oppression and financial suffering they have suffered under the Cuban authoritarian regime. I ask for relief, ”Biden said.

Edmund De Marche of Fox News contributed to this report.

Republicans spotlight Cuba as failed socialism as protests erupt over historic economic crisis

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