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The hypocrisy in action, the suppression of individual rights / freedoms, the brutality of the boot, the nationwide deception and bad behavior of our government are only scratching the surface of the conduct of our current administration.

Let’s start with one of the many hypocritical examples. Biden continues to tell others to pay their fair share while actively avoiding paying Medicare taxes on book sales and speech earnings in 2017 and 2018, while funneling $ 13 million through “S corporation” with less than $ 800,000 as a salary. Biden may personally owe more than $ 500,000 in taxes, and yet, never flinching, he tells everyone to pay their fair share. Hiring more than $ 80,000 of IRS agents and collecting information on the green light on small banking transactions should be a blatant wake-up call.

Our constitutional right to free speech is under attack to the point of causing the FBI to label and act on parents who express disapproval at school board meetings. When United States Attorney General Merrick Garland calls parents potential terrorists, red flags should sound for everyone. This is extremely dangerous and will lead to restricted speech, which will soon become illegal speech which will result in the arrest and imprisonment of those who express their disapproval of any government mandate. The awakened CRT movement is created to divide us and instill hatred, mistrust, envy and suspicion among the masses so that our unity is shattered. It makes people much easier to manipulate and control in order to exploit them for the needs of the elite of our society. The Jackboot thug will ensure that ordinary citizens will obey and obey no questions asked or be arrested.

People say that will never happen here. Please tell me why has this happened in Russia, China, North Korea and, recently, Venezuela? Twenty years ago, Venezuela was a wealthy country where most of the population was well off, and now most of the population scavenges for food. The deception perpetrated on the citizens is that the government can make everything equal for everyone. The only way for the government to uphold fairness in society is to suppress individual rights and impoverish the masses. Our society will have only two classes, the ultra rich minority and the devastated poor majority without social ascension.

Capitalist societies based on merit will always surpass, surpass and improve the living conditions of all thanks to the continuous search for innovation, which helps all. Corporations that pay people not to work, occupying positions based on ethnicity or social status versus merit, will fail, with hunger and poverty dominating the landscape. The majority of people in Venezuela, Russia and China applauded the change. Is it wise for us to follow in their footsteps?



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