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Photo: Juan Suárez

By Leduan Ramirez Perez

HAVANA TIMES – One of the shortcomings of the Cuban government is its inability to read the Cuban people. They maintain this ineptitude with a strong repressive system at its complete disposal and the safeguard of complete immunity for repressors. But these are also his Achilles heel.

While other governments learn to see social movements as legitimate forces in their favor by engaging in dialogue, others like the Cuban government; turn it into permanent conflict. This is where we see a point of no return.

Tired of always having to make sacrifices and of seeing the incompetence of a system that does not give them what they need, many Cubans have said enough is enough and have decided to resist the repression, with power. legitimate and a public spirit. That’s what people’s reading is.

Good government is defined by its ability to serve the people. The greater his duty to the society he administers, the greater the commitment to developing a welfare state. However, the nature of the governing regime and its relationship to society are important in achieving this goal.

Governing is a constant dialogue between citizens, society and officials. Civil servants are the temporary servants of an endlessly renewed political capital. It is the natural order of things in the laws of biology and politics.

Accordingly, they should go to great lengths to learn to know, listen and respond confidently to their people; and maintain their positions in government. The opposite is synonymous with authoritarianism. However, beyond simple listening, a leader (president, party and powers) must know how to read and understand his people.

Photo: Juan Suárez

Reading the people is probably one of the most complex tasks of a government. It is how they tailor government decisions to the needs of society. Therefore, it is not strange that rulers constantly demand this legitimacy that comes from the people to justify their actions and stay in their position of power. However, they rarely know how to listen to them and stick to their decisions.

The population is never a person or an institution. It is in this empirical contradiction that lies the essence of all government. One of them being a dictatorship or a tyranny. A dictatorship is the kind of government that has the ability to read its people and adjust their decisions. This is not to say that there are no actions to contain any attempt at rebellion. In this situation, the government has no other strategy than to use force (symbolic, real, military, economic, social and cultural) to maintain its position in power. This is what is happening in Cuba today.

The acts of repression in Cuba since the end of last year, reaching their peak in the summer of 2021, demonstrate the breakdown of relations of understanding between the government and the people. What we see today in Cuba is the representation of the inability to continue governing a population that no longer legitimizes power. A country with more than a thousand people in prison, arrested or brought to justice for exercising their legitimate right to protest, exposes the clear nature of the crackdown.

The calm in the streets is heavy and the muscles are tense. The repression, the arbitrary acts against the citizens, the punishments in summary trials in an attempt to rule in fear, are direct expressions of the inability of the government to listen to the people, who have reached the gates of the castle and demand only justice .

In this context, the Cuban government has no choice but to start listening to the voice of the people and move towards a more open society without bloodshed. This is the danger in Cuba today, that the pride of a few translates into irremediable vengeance on the part of the oppressed. The autocratic and tyrannical government is directly responsible for it.

This kind of government is nourished by a feeling of terror à la Robespierre. The Law does not matter and it is not respected. It is a fearful government, not a legal government. Dictatorship governments don’t think of the people because they don’t believe in the future or in a legacy later. This is proof of autocratic pride. However, the frightened population has no other way out.

Photo: Juan Suárez

Reading the population is a measure of responsibility. The people who can demand transparency from their government are those who have a healthier relationship with their leaders. The leaders are aware of their needs and know how to dialogue to face these problems and sometimes they are able to prevent tyranny.

Above all, to read the population is to be sensitive. Repression is the antonym of dialogue and sensitivity. Governments that do not listen are doomed to disappear. Tyrannies too. This will also happen in Cuba.

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