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As we celebrate March 23, it’s time to reflect and reflect. What happened on March 18, when about three dozen hooligans led by two parliamentarians, attacked Sindh House in Islamabad, was waiting to happen, given the narcissism and blindness of those in charge . A country created by political struggle had its political process strangled, instead of developing a democratic system suitable for an independent sovereign country to function and offer citizens the fruits of a modern democratic welfare state that Quaid had envisioned.

Any system of governance, be it free market democracy or socialism, must cater to the welfare of the poorer sections of society, otherwise it cannot function and be acceptable to the citizens of this country. When the rule of law is replaced by the abuse of power, chaos and anarchy discourage such a state. Regardless of the system of governance, it is the moral and constitutional responsibility of the state to provide subsidized education, health, public transport, clean water, security of life, etc. Unfortunately, what we have in Pakistan is neither democracy in its true essence, nor socialism, but a system that is a remnant of the British Raj.

Political intrigue and gerrymandering by men, neither trained nor able to understand the dynamics of political science, have brought disorder and eroded the ethics so vital to the functioning and delivery of any political system.




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