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The podcast trend is gradually catching up in India. Here are some of the podcasts, hosted by Indian women. Be sure to sign in.

A podcast series usually consists of one or more recurring hosts who cover a specific topic or current event. Episodes can be fully scripted or impromptu, which only adds to their simplicity and versatility. Podcasts have certainly become the real new medium of communication that relays ideas with minimal distraction. Women use this space to discuss issues related to women, feminism, movies, finances and more. We’ve compiled a list of female podcasters who have blazed the trail for new content, topics, and techniques. They cover everything from body positivity and financial knowledge to movies and literature. Check out these popular Indian women podcasts that should be on your must-listen list.

1. The Sanskaari Sass Podcast

Image Courtesy: The Sanskaari Sass

This podcast falls under the digital content vertical of Sanskaari Sass. Ruchika Agarwal founded this podcast and website with the aim of raising different voices while increasing accessibility to feminism and feminist philosophy. Anyone who wants to learn more about feminism and why it’s so crucial should listen to Sanskaari Sass. They currently have 19 episodes, each around 25-35 minutes long, on their YouTube channel.

2. Desi Foreigners

Desi strangers

Image Courtesy: Desi Outsiders

Ankita was raised in a more liberal Indian home in India, while co-host Meenal was raised in a very traditional Indian home outside of India. In all episodes, these two young Indian women engage in important conversations about relationships, dating, and parenting, as well as topics as varied as feminism and other customs in Indian homes.

3. The Vision-Nari

Vision Nari

Image Courtesy: Vision Nari

Swati Rawat is the host of the Vision-Nari podcast, where she interviews women leaders, business owners, and visionaries from various industries about their backgrounds, inspirations, and goals. Inspiration struck Swati as she searched for a podcast featuring Indian women’s experiences, but found none, despite being an avid podcast listener. And Vision-Nari was born.

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4. NRI Woman

NRI Woman

Image Courtesy: NRI Woman

NRI Woman started as a Facebook community page in 2017 for South Asian NRI women to discuss their shared experiences, such as the difficulties they face, the reasons they moved to another country and what it was like. is to assimilate into another culture. On a larger scale, the page addresses the need to talk openly about things like mental health, making friends, lack of support systems, raising children as a single parent, addiction and many other topics. . Bettina Tauro and Ninorah Brookshire are the show’s hosts.

Bettina was born in Mumbai, India, and moved to the United Arab Emirates in 2002 to pursue a career. Ninorah, is of Indian descent but was born in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. She spent most of her adult life there. Her husband Edward and Ninorah are the co-founders of the New York-based Naya Jeevan Foundation, a non-profit organization that helps women and girls who have been freed from sex trafficking in India.

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5. Wala Movie Podcast

Movie Wala Podcast

Image Courtesy: Movie Wala Podcast/Twitter

Podcast hosts Tanvi and Flo talk about Hindi movies. Throughout the season, the two discuss particular genres like family sagas, marriage dramas, and more. They state that they are not reviewers and only choose movies to talk about their favorite songs, favorite scenes, rumors and why they chose this movie for this category. They have created seven seasons so far. In the seventh season, they discuss the movies and the memories related to them as well as how they feel about them, especially old but upbeat movies; it was completed in December 2021.

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