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In response to “Push to socialism is happening” the author mentioned the “Take Responsibility for Family and Workers Act” and I need to clarify. This bill was introduced over 18 months ago! This was in response to COVID-19 and shared many of the same provisions as the Senate Republicans CARES law. It was not and it did not pass in the dark of the night as stated.

As for racism which is not on the 100 Evils in America list, I have to assume that the writer has personally experienced racism in the past and therefore is a current expert on the subject.

I have a little story to pass on. I was having a drink with good friends a few years ago and the subject of racial profiling came up. One of the guys mentioned that he had no problem with racial profiling. I immediately responded that as middle aged white men we had never been racially profiled so what was his basis for making that statement. Without answering that question, he then told me that he didn’t think racism existed because he never saw it. My immediate response is that you never see God and yet you believe He exists, do you? As you can imagine, that was the end of this conversation.

Finally, socialism is not a death knell. It is rooted throughout America today. Medicare, government subsidies for agriculture and energy, minimum wages, and child labor laws are just a few examples.

– Michael Hunt, Bakersfield

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