Kerala CPM Gives Weight: Attempt to ‘Attract’ Female Students to Extremism



The PMO pointed out the problem in a brochure distributed to speakers at meetings of its branch and local committees that began Thursday, warning of extremist Islamist outfits, “support for the Taliban” and the “tendency to lash out. ‘community influence’ among Christians. The memo read: “On vocational college campuses, there are deliberate attempts to distract educated young women from extremism and fundamentalism. The student fronts and the youth front should pay particular attention to this issue.

As Congress and the BJP both grabbed the bill to attack the CPM, Party Secretary of State A Vijayaraghavan defended it, saying communalism can take many forms. “Communalism will work in several ways. It has no frame. It will work in many disguises, in various locations. Our party will fight fiercely against communitarianism, ” he said.

The CPM’s note indicates that the activities of the RSS have created insecurity among minorities and that Muslim extremist groups are trying to infiltrate community organizations and stir up unrest. “We must seriously consider that talks in favor of the Taliban are emerging in Kerala, contrary to the position taken by the majority of Muslim communities around the world. “

Regarding the Christian community, the note said: “Normally Christians do not succumb to community thinking. However, the recent trend for communal influence among a small portion of Christians must be taken seriously. There are deliberate attempts to push the Christian segment against Muslims. It should be treated seriously and should be checked. Such approaches will ultimately benefit majority fundamentalism. “

As Kerala has a long history of bloody political violence between CPM and RSS cadres, the CPM memo added: “We should realize that unnecessary political violence will drive the masses away from the party. A stance against political violence is needed to bring more people into the fold. “

CPM chief and state cooperation minister VN Vasavan on Friday visited Catholic Bishop Joseph Kallarangatt, who had spoken of “love jihad” and “narcotic jihad” targeting young people in the world. State, especially non-Muslim women on campus. The first Pinarayi Vijayan member to visit the bishop since his remarks, Vasavan later said the controversy was a closed chapter.

“The bishop is a scholar, he has a deep knowledge of the Quran and the Bhagavad Gita. I watched his speeches and shared the stage with him. Congressional and BJP leaders visited the bishop with ulterior motives. I came for a friendly visit, ”Vasavan said.

While the opposition CPM and Congress criticized the bishop’s comments, the BJP backed him, saying what he said was a reality.

The secretary of the lay council of the Catholic Bishops’ Conference of India, lawyer VC Sebastian, praised the CPM party’s memo, saying it “attests to what Bishop Kallarangatt said about the ‘extremism”.

Congress has asked the PMO to provide proof of his “serious” allegation. “The PMO leadership should disclose if any cases have been recorded in this regard or if they have data to prove their charges. The party and its government have a moral responsibility to reveal this, ”said VD Satheesan.

BJP State President K Surendran said: “The PMO’s Minorities and Terrorism leaflet attests to what the BJP has been saying for at least a decade. Young women have been trapped in amorous jihad and used for extremism. Why isn’t the PMO ready to openly admit it, at least now? When Pala Bishop also spoke about it, the PMO denied. This shows the double standards of the party.

The Sangh Parivar has long argued that Kerala is emerging as a recruitment hub for terrorism.

By the way, top BJP leader and former state president CK Padmanabhan said on Friday that the bishop’s remarks should not be taken seriously, and that fundamentalism should not be attached to a religion. “In a church sermon, the word jihad was added. I can’t find anything else serious about this statement. It is not appropriate to impose such things on any particular religion, ” he said.

The Indian Conference of Catholic Bishops has said it has repeatedly warned of the presence of extremist groups on campuses. “Now the UDF (run by Congress) and other parties are required to clarify their position on the issue after abandoning their community appeasement tactics.”



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