Ken Sheffert announces an offer for Hampton State Rep.


My name is Ken Sheffert and I’m running for Hampton State Representative. I would like to take this opportunity to thank each of you who voted for me to represent you in our district. We still have one hurdle to overcome so that I can serve you and our community, and that is the midterm elections.

As a representative of your state, you can be assured that I will work very hard to represent you. This will include my constant focus on government effectiveness. When you were your representative, I worked with other Republicans to lead an 11% state budget cut. During this session, I worked with a core group to bring realistic, affordable, and practical health care to our state with no financial impact on local, state, and federal taxpayers.

We have given private companies the ability to establish walk-in healthcare clinics across our state. I sponsored a roadside tree maintenance bill that helps protect utility crews from falling trees or branches on utility wires and keeps lights on for residents and New Hampshire businesses. The bill provides much-needed budget for more than 10 years of work for tree crews and additional details for police across the state of New Hampshire.

This election cycle, Democrats are working overtime to change your perception of the state of the economy. They voted for the additional $5 trillion in spending increasing our national debt and burdening the American taxpayer. Their failing policies at both the national and state levels, with the exception of New Hampshire’s current trajectory, are contributing to record inflation that is plunging our country into an economic recession. Mortgage rates are above 6.35% for the first time since 2008. More foreclosures are on the horizon as Americans struggle to use credit card brushing, an 18% variable APR, to pay their monthly bills. The Federal Reserve will double the unemployment rate to over 6%.

You can count on me to stay focused on tax while serving the needs of our community and our great state.

I am Ken Sheffert and I ask for your support. My contact [email protected]

Get out and vote!


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