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Jeremy Kyle and Sharon Osbourne were back on viewers’ screens on Tuesday night for the second episode of The Talk on TalkTV. They were joined by Esther Krakue, Tonia Buxton and JJ Anisiobi to discuss the biggest headlines of the day. The conversation turned to the younger generation who found jobs after a dyslexic accountant was fired for being a “demanding millennial”. Jeremy launched a brutal attack on the younger generation and claimed they were lazy and needed to get rid of their “backs”.

Kicking off the conversation on whether millennials have too many rights in the workplace, Sharon spoke about her experiences working with young people in her industry.

She began: “I think they don’t take direction very well, and at the slightest thing, they complain! It’s like, well, you know … ‘We have to take a long shower at three, now I need it at one o’clock, I made an appointment, I have to meet my friend”.

“‘I’ll do this, I’ll do that,’ they lament over the smallest things, and I think the work ethic is gone because everyone wants it to be easy.

“That job doesn’t exist anymore, it’s like they look at influencers, and they see that they’re working from home and teaching you how to do makeup.

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“They show you what’s hot and buy that toy with your kid, and they crave it and listen, I don’t blame them, but if only life were that easy.”

She also explained how she hired younger staff members and very quickly had to fire them because of their attitude towards work.

“Yes, very well!” She revealed. “I invite them into the office and tell them to sit down, and then I say, ‘Honey, I have something to tell you.

“You try to do it nicely and encourage them, and you also have to say why you’re unhappy with their work ethic.”

Jérémy was quick to give his thoughts on what he thought of millennials and scoffed: “I’m going to try to be really calm because there’s one word for me that sums up this generation and that’s ‘straight’. .

“We can all say, we started from the bottom, the work you did got you to where you were, and there’s that feeling among the younger generation.

“I deserve everything, I want everything, everyone has it, I’m going to do it, I have five children, and as soon as they turn 16, they have to go get a job.

“It’s absolutely teaching them the work ethic, teaching them the value of money, I’m not going to wipe your ass,” he fumed.

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Jeremy was also critical of the welfare state and felt there were only three options for millennials, which included benefits.

“There’s a lot of laziness out there, and they need to get their ass off and go earn a living! So we’re all in agreement, you guys had it too easy, get your ass off and earn a living .”

Esther Krakue was on the panel alongside Jeremy and Sharon, who she objected to and said: “Wait, I think a lot of the points are fair.

“I don’t think titled is the right word, I think it’s more spoiled, which isn’t much better, but I think the point is that we’re growing up in a very bright social media generation.

“We think all the highlights of all these people we see is what our lives should be like, we see people becoming content creators and we think we should get it.

“It’s a shock to our system when you come out of school and realize that in fact 90% of people go to work every day.”

Jeremy laughed at her statement and exclaimed, “I know you’re the only millennial on this panel but why is it a shock to go to work because you want to learn how to do your makeup and people follow you on Twitter?”

The Talk airs weekdays from 9 p.m. on TalkTV.


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