Jacksonville receives funding for wastewater improvement from state budget


Jacksonville’s sewerage infrastructure will undergo major upgrades now that the city will receive $ 20 million from the state budget.

The funds will help build the Parkwood Regional Sewer Project, currently estimated at $ 38 million. The project is part of the city’s 10-year Capital Improvement Plan (CAP) and will provide significant growth along Western Boulevard. The improvements are expected to reduce the pressure on existing infrastructure by redirecting wastewater.

“Senator (Michael) Lazzara understands how essential major sewerage projects are to the future of the city. This will allow the city to grow and allow the construction of over a thousand new homes and businesses over the next five years, ”said Mayor Sammy Phillips. “Senator Lazzara was a leader in city council and became a leader in the Senate. The city continues to be blessed by his leadership.

Part of the plan is to build a new lift station at Williamsburg Plantation and a series of power lines and gravity lines to bring the waste to the city’s landfill site on Fire Tower Road. In the Carolina Forest subdivision, part of the city’s sewers will be redirected to the main sewer via a new discharge line on Carolina Forest Boulevard.

The project is based on a 2018 study projecting the city’s future growth and has become a top priority for the city. Construction will be phased and is expected to be completed by 2025. Other long-term water improvements are outlined in the city’s comprehensive capital improvement plan available on the city’s website.


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