Imran transforming Pakistan into welfare state envisioned by Jinnah (minister)



ISLAMABAD: Prime Minister Imran Khan was transforming Pakistan into a welfare state, as the founder Muhammad Ali Jinnah and national poet Muhammad Iqbal envisioned through various pro-poor initiatives, the Minister of Information and Social Affairs said on Monday. Fawad Chaudhry Broadcasting.

Addressing the opening ceremony of a photo exhibition on Jinnah’s life at the Pakistan-China Friendship Center, he said Jinnah’s message on the future of the Muslim state was loud and clear.

The minister said the biggest challenge today was to get Pakistan back from Jinnah. He said Prime Minister Imran Khan wanted to turn Pakistan into the state envisioned by the founder.

He said Indian and Bangladeshi writers were confused about Jinnah and his view of Pakistan. Quaid-i-Azam, he said, made it clear three times: in his speeches to the First Constituent Assembly, to the military and to the civil service.

He said that Jinnah and Iqbal were modern, progressive and visionary leaders who achieved the future of Muslims and other minorities residing in India. Iqbal, he said, had long realized what difficulties Muslims could face, and Jinnah, for his part, decided to create a separate homeland for them after realizing the intentions of the Congress party.

By touching the tragic murder of a foreign national in Sialkot, the minister said the whole nation was united in condemning the incident. On the contrary, such incidents have become a new norm in India, he said.

he observed New York Times brought a story to the front page denounce the atrocities committed against members of the Christian minority community in India. He said Prime Minister Narendra Modi and his Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) had made the lives of minorities miserable.

The minister said India faces decline today under the Modi government and called it an extremist and fascist regime.

The purpose of creating Pakistan was to protect the rights of minorities, Chaudhry said, adding that Pakistan was a shining hope for the region amid growing trends of extremism and religious fanaticism in the immediate vicinity.

He said that although Jinnah was clear in his message, getting his message across to the common man was the biggest battle.

Calling the photo exhibition on the occasion of Jinnah’s birthday as a welcome step, he said: “We must start a movement to bring the message of Quaid-i-Azam to the common man.” .

Chaudhry said Jinnah’s birthday was celebrated in a dignified manner, fireworks were set off in Islamabad, a festival of colors and light was held for which he congratulated all the organizers.

Information Secretary Shahera Shahid and senior officials from the ministry and related departments were also present on the occasion.



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