“I used to be a wild feminist, but now I’m a housewife”


A woman who admits she was once a ‘rabid feminist’ has revealed how she gave up her beliefs to become a housewife.

A woman who admits she was once a ‘rabid feminist’ has revealed how she gave up her beliefs to become a housewife.

As reported by The sunRebecca Barrett once worked as a high-flying engineer in New York, but now she loves nothing more than cooking her husband’s dinner, she revealed in a recent YouTube video.

The mum-to-be said that although she grew up in a traditional household, she quickly embraced feminist beliefs after being “exposed to infidelity”.

“I learned about infidelity at a very young age and that’s what made me become more of a feminist,” she explained in the video.

“When I went to high school and college, I wanted to be an independent woman.

“I didn’t want to rely on a man’s income; I wanted to have my own income so I decided to pursue an engineering route.

She worked as an oil and gas engineer before moving to New York to start her first company.

“New York was where feminism took hold of me and I embraced a lot of the ideology,” she said.

“But the more masculine I became, the less happy I was, the more resentful I was and the more combative and competitive I was.

“It was very exhausting, I was constantly battling my feminine energy with my masculine energy. I was unhappy. I always wondered why I couldn’t be more aggressive or competitive – I was at my breaking point.

“I felt like I had achieved so much and lived a very single life because I resented men and didn’t like being with men.”

But Ms Barrett began to embrace a new perspective when she met her husband – although it hasn’t always been easy.

“The more I worked on myself, the more I realized that I was creating a lot of problems in our relationship,” she said.

“I was getting mad at him about things he didn’t even know he was doing.”

The couple decided to go for premarital counselling, where Ms Barrett was reintroduced to a more traditional approach to marriage.

“It taught us the roles of a wife and a husband,” she explained.

“I realized that I was still in my ‘feminist mindset’. I realized that if I wanted to be a woman, I had to take on the role.

“A wife is submissive to her husband and my husband directs our relationship.”

She was quick to dispel any misconceptions people might have about being “submissive.”

“Women think being submissive means a man can just walk all over you, but being submissive means having confidence in your husband’s decision-making abilities,” she said.

“Having that ability to lean on your husband and let him run the household.

“I’m his co-driver, but in the end it’s him who makes the final decision.”

Along with playing a submissive role in the relationship, Ms Barrett also devotes time each day to being the best for her husband.

“I make sure I look good for my husband because I want him to want me – I don’t want him looking outside the house,” she added.

“It’s so refreshing when you have a masculine man who can take on his masculine form and then I can transition to my feminine form and we can complement each other rather than compete with each other.”

This article originally appeared on The Sun and has been reproduced with permission


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