I don’t believe that no one should be paid more or less to be a woman: Huma Qureshi


Bollywood actress Huma Qureshi said, “I believe in equal pay for equal work. If two people do the same amount of work and have the same box office status, they should be paid equally. I don’t think I should be paid more or less just because I’m a woman.

The actress was reacting to the latest heated debate over wage disparity, which began in Hollywood.

Huma added that “Feminism doesn’t mean being toxic and angry. It doesn’t mean putting others down. It means that you believe in the equality of both sexes. A feminist is someone who empowers and empowers other women. This doesn’t mean that only women are the best and everyone is inferior to them. Lately, I think there is a very toxic model of feminism that has been brought to the market, which I am not defending.

The Badlapur actress, who will complete a decade in the industry next year, adds: “I believe we can have a world where there are equal opportunities for everyone and equal pay for equal work. A world where the content of a film requires a certain budget and not that if it has a wife, it should have a lower budget and vice versa. I’m not saying it’s the world that exists, but it is possible.

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