Give us a chance for development, welfare: Arvind Kejriwal in Goa, U’khand voters | India News


New Delhi: Delhi Chief Minister and national leader of the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP), Arvind Kejriwal, on Sunday called on the people of Goa and Uttarakhand to vote for his ‘new’ party, a day before assembly elections, promising to provide work related to welfare and development.

Speaking to ANI, Kejriwal said, “In Uttarakhand, Congress and BJP ruled for 10 years each. In Goa, Congress ruled for 27 years while BJP ruled for 15 years.

“Congress and BJP have only plundered the people of Goa and Uttarakhand. If you vote for them again, they will continue to plunder you. This time a new party, AAP, is here. We We will carry out work related to social welfare and development. AAP a chance,” Kejriwal added.

Citing the development works being done in Delhi in various sectors including education, health and power, Kejriwal pledged to provide the same in both states, if elected to power.

In Uttarakhand, Kejriwal promised to establish health services and schools in all villages in the hilly state. He also assured that if his party forms the government of the state, he will increase job opportunities to stop the migration of young people from the state in search of jobs.

“To the people of Uttarakhand, I want to say that AAP will bring adequate employment opportunities to stop migration. We will create jobs that will be enough for the young people living here and those who have migrated… We aim to bring all of them back,” he said.

Similarly in Goa, apart from schools, hospitals and increased job opportunities, Kejriwal said his party will start mining within six months, grant land rights and promote tourism.

“AAP promises the people of Goa that we will start mining in 6 months (after we come to power, if elected)… Mining stopped for 10 years under the BJP government, so no need to vote for them. Vote for AAP, give us a chance,” said the national head of the AAP.

Praising the chief ministerial candidate in Goa, Amit Palekar, Kejriwal said he was an “honest man” and did not get involved in corruption.

For Uttarakhand CM party candidate Colonel (Retired) Ajay Kothiyal, Kejriwal said that after his retirement Kothiyal trained 10,000 children and got them admitted into Amry.

Taking a dig at Congress, he said those who are not in favor of the BJP should vote for the AAP as all Congress leaders will join the BJP after the results.

After the results are announced on March 10, by March 11 all members of Congress will join the BJP. So I call on the people of Goa who want to see the BJP lose, do not vote for Congress. Their vote will go wasted, it will go to the BJP

Give all your votes to the AAP,” he said. Kejriwal also urged voters to carry the AAP to power with a full majority.

Elections in 40 assembly constituencies in Goa and 70 assembly constituencies in Uttarakhand will be held on February 14.



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