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Demonstrating against abortion in a scene from “Progressive Socialism”, the new production by K. Piroto.| Photo: Bigstock


The most successful franchise of the 20th century, with at least

]millions of deaths worldwide, he’s back – and with a new look. After the resounding failure of “Social-Democracy” (2022), considered the “work of art” of the franchise that began with “Marxist Socialism” (1933) and “National Socialism” (1933), the producers decide to make a revolution (!) in the series, canceling the innocents useful to success and betting on new faces full of diversity in what promises to be the biggest blockbuster of the 21st century: “Progressive Socialism”. “Our story is based on an old Gramsci argument. When I saw this, I was excited! I knew there would be a success story. Foucault’s collaboration was also fundamental. I’m sure it will be nominated for the Oscar for Best Adapted Screenplay,” said K. Piroto, the legendary producer of the “Socialism” franchise and author of the epics “Expulsion from Heaven,” “Tower of Babel,” “ Machiavelli” and “French Revolution” – the production that forever changed the way politics is done around the world.

According to producer K. Piroto, who gave us this exclusive interview directly from his home in Belford Roxo, in Baixada Fluminense, the story of “Progressive Socialism” takes up some elements known to fans of the franchise, such as the search for a utopian equality through violence as explicit as possible.

The novelty, according to K. Piroto, lies in the use of a new technology, called Diversity©, which he commissioned from the famous Ideology Studios. “Thanks to advances in science, everything is much easier these days. In the days of “National Socialism” we had radio, trains and Zyklon B, but today we have the Internet and cancel culture. So everything is much cleaner and more subtle. Fans will love it! “, predicts the always optimistic K. Piroto, creating suspense, but not too much.

There’s still plenty of speculation about which stars will star in “Progressive Socialism.” A safe name, however, is Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. “For now, we are also working on finding an L, a G, a B, a T, a Q and a + capable of telling this beautiful story of intolerance. disguised as tolerance,” says K. Piroto, putting his hands to his mouth. as soon as you realize you’ve given away a spoiler of what’s to come. To the question of whether it is possible to have a Brazilian, a Brazilian or a Brazilian in the cast, K. Piroto answers yes, that’s for sure, but does not reveal names.

K. Piroto takes advantage of the moment of relaxation of the interview to give more details on the production. Details that this magazine publishes in total exclusivity. For example, anyone who thought that after the dramatic finale of “Marxist socialism” communism was dead buried under the rubble of the Berlin Wall, will be surprised at the first scenes of “progressive socialism”. “Communism is our big star. Our great reference. I couldn’t leave it out of this one,” says K. Piroto. “The script is still being finalized, but the idea is, at the beginning of the story, to show Communism disguised as the Common Good. With that, I hope to attract a younger audience,” says the millennial producer.

)K. Piroto, however, rules out using Swastika, the star of controversial “National Socialism”. “Times are different. And we know the swastika is not in a good phase,” he says. The idea is to use the ideals and values ​​that marked “National Socialism”, but using less stigmatized symbols. “There are a lot of possibilities. Maybe the carbon footprint could make a romantic couple with communism. Why not? What matters is creativity,” says K. Piroto.

Brazilian production25081837

Comfortable in your mansion, in the At the end of the interview, an animated K. Piroto says, with his unmistakable accent, that he has a revelation for the Brazilians. “I’m working with Embrafilme partners on a totally green-yellow production,” he says, then bursts out laughing. “I lie, oh, of course I lie. ‘Cause am I not the king of lies? The truth is that production is red too,” he says, baring his fangs.

With the working title of “A Vingança da Jararaca”, K. Piroto’s hope is to cause much destruction and death around here, in a version that would condense the narratives of “Marxist socialism”, “national socialism” and even “progressive”. Socialisme”. The partnership with Petê Produções is taken for granted. “To my knowledge, our legion of lawyers has even succeeded in obtaining financing via the Rouanet law”, enthuses K. Piroto. first successful production here.


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