Five Most Underrated Feminist Moments


There are so many empowering feminist moments in the Harry Potter series, like Hermione starting SPEW to get equal rights for house-elves. Here on MuggletNet, we’ve looked at some underrated feminist moments before, but in honor of International Women’s Day earlier this month, here are five more moments we love.

1. Professor McGonagall versus the Aurors

There’s no shortage of iconic Professor McGonagall moments in Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix. The most famous scene has to be the one where she stands up to Umbridge saying she will support Harry to become an Auror. Throughout the book, she continues to stand up for those harassed by Umbridge, such as watching over Trelawney when she is fired. However, one of the moments we love so much is when McGonagall defends Hagrid when the Aurors arrive.

This situation leaves McGonagall in Saint Mongoose after taking four staggering spells from the chest. Following this attack, most of the school is horrified, and Madam Pomfrey even says that if not for the Hogwarts students, she would leave the school because of what happened. Even if McGonagall ends up getting injured, it’s a moment we appreciate because it shows that the rest of the school has her back. Either way, McGonagall stands up for those she loves – even if others have stereotypes or prejudices against them, like Umbridge does with Hagrid – and she will fight for them.

2. Augusta Longbottom defying stereotypes

Augusta Longbottom is a character who appears briefly in the series, but she’s still the one we love. From her iconic fashion sense to someone who’s not afraid to speak her mind, she’s such a strong character. She stands up for what she believes in and accepts no bullshit from anyone. Although she is a strict woman, she is very proud of herself, where she comes from and of her family. She’s also not one to back down from a fight.

Artwork by Neville and Augusta Longbottom with a portrait of Frank and Alice behind them

Source: Pottermore

When Dawlish was sent to take her hostage to make sure Neville behaved well at Hogwarts, she sent Dawlish to Saint Mongoose and fled. Dawlish incorrectly assumed that Augusta would not be able to fight back and that he had the advantage in this situation. We find this moment empowering since even though Augusta is an older woman, she is not portrayed as weak or weak. It’s so refreshing to see that stereotype shattered – age isn’t something that stops him.

3. Ginny plays Quidditch

When she was younger, Ginny was never allowed to play Quidditch with her brothers whenever they played during the summers at The Burrow. However, she never let that stop her – she broke into the shed, stole broomsticks, and taught herself how to play Quidditch. It was a secret she kept for years, and her brothers only found out when Hermione told them. They were shocked at the level of skill she had, and later in life Ginny made a career out of Quidditch. Playing Quidditch was clearly something she always had an interest in, and even though her family wouldn’t let her play, it never stopped her. It’s so inspiring because it shows that if we work hard we can achieve our goals.

4. Luna returns to Hogwarts

Luna is a character we love for a variety of reasons. She is someone who is not ashamed to be who she is even when others make fun of her. Luna also constantly stands up for what is right and is someone everyone should look up to. However, one moment that we love and think deserves more attention is Luna’s return to Hogwarts after her capture at Malfoy Manor. After being imprisoned for months, she still returns to Hogwarts to fight. We love this so much because it shows what a strong character Luna is. Despite the fact that she’s been through unimaginable trauma, she doesn’t let anything stop her.

Neville Longbottom and Luna Lovegood

5. Tonks fighting in the Battle of Hogwarts

Tonks is a character who isn’t afraid to be herself; she is very proud to be who she is. But an underrated part of his story that we love is his decision to fight in the Battle of Hogwarts instead of sticking with Teddy. So many other characters expected her to stay home with her son as he was considered too dangerous for a new mother to fight. But she chooses to fight for something much more important instead. She chooses to fight to help create a better world for her son. We love this moment so much because it shows Tonks defying society’s expectations of what a mother is supposed to do, and she goes above and beyond to help create a better world.

Are there any other moments that you think deserve more recognition? Let us know in the comments.

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