Feminists’ silence on transgender swimmer shows they really never cared about women


Over the years, feminists, especially third wave feminists, have worked diligently to dismantle the so-called “patriarchy.” From their support for abortion to gender equality in schools, sports, and wages to sexual harassment, abuse, and assault, feminists have effectively shaped the nation’s sociocultural spectrum in the 21st century.

It is therefore more than surprising that when the story of Lia Thomas broke, these examples of female empowerment were nowhere to be found.

Groups that supposedly care about women show no evidence of doing so. No celebrity has spoken of a man annihilating women in a women’s sport. There was no signaling of virtue, no coordinated wearing of rose Kitty ears, as we’re talking about a man here who robs women of opportunity.

This group of ideologues actually created a word, “mansplaining”, for when a man interrupts or talks too much. Yet these same people find nothing to say about the biological men who deprive women of sporting opportunities.

Their silence and lack of genuine interest speak volumes.

Any woman who claims to be a feminist, who claims to fight for equality and women’s empowerment, but who remains silent about it is a fraud. You can’t worry about women and let men usurp their opportunities.

The future of women’s sport in this country hangs by a thread. This year it’s Lia Thomas, but the number of male participants in women’s sports will surely increase if nothing is done to stop it. And when it does, it will be female athletes who will pay the price in terms of lost scholarships and opportunities to play.

The betrayal of feminists everywhere will allow biological men to dominate women’s sports. Women will pay the price for the perfidy of silent feminists.


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